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Bvlgari’s Absolutely Stunning “Eden: the Garden of Wonders” High Jewellery Watches (Live Pics)

An extravagant (jaw-dropping) high jewellery interpretation of the Garden of Eden on your wrist.

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Bulgari Eden: the Garden of Wonders High Jewellery Watches 2022

Bvlgari’s extravagant high jewellery flair meets high-end mechanical Swiss watchmaking in these absolutely sumptuous, wildly opulent and colourful high jewellery watches. The theme of this high-end 2022 watch collection is borrowed from the Garden of Eden, and nature is recreated with spellbinding creativity and dazzling gemstones. Once again, the exuberant fantasies of Bvlgari’s creative director Fabrizio Buonamassa guide the design of these unforgettable high jewellery masterpieces.

Bulgari Eden: the Garden of Wonders High Jewellery Watches 2022

The Giardino Dell’Eden Tourbillon (103677) is the standout piece of the collection. A cornucopia of mouth-watering gemstones depicting a fantasy garden with fluttering butterflies and a surreptitious snake, this extraordinary high jewellery timepiece showcases Bvlgari’s mastery of stone setting and vibrant creativity.

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The lush foliage and brightly coloured flowers that blanket the wrist and trail up the forearm are brought to life with 6,500 stones (223 carats) ranging from magical Paraiba tourmalines to emeralds, mandarin garnets, tsavorites, rock crystal beads, pink tourmalines, opals, rubies, pink, purple, blue and yellow sapphires and pavé-set diamonds. Animating the scenery are two mobile butterflies set on trembleurs (a thin metal wire that acts as a spring giving the piece movement) that flutter ever so slightly with your movements. This extraordinary cuff bracelet watch is also versatile, allowing its owner to detach the two flowers that extend from the cuff up the forearm and wear them as a brooch.

Bulgari Eden: the Garden of Wonders High Jewellery Watches 2022

No Garden of Eden would be complete without a snake. Lurking beneath the profusion of flowers, the serpent is represented by a 41mm Serpenti skeletonised tourbillon watch. The green hour and minute hands alight on the chapter ring, picked out with emerald minutes and diamond hour markers. Fitted with a skeletonised manual-winding tourbillon movement – BVL 208 – with a power reserve of 64 hours, the tourbillon occupies a wide aperture at 6 o’clock surmounted by beautifully engraved bridges.

Bulgari Eden: the Garden of Wonders High Jewellery Watches 2022

Quick facts: platinum base set with a total of 223 carats of gemstones: pink tourmalines, diamonds, tsavorites, mandarin garnets, emeralds, rock crystal beads, opals, Paraiba tourmalines. rubies, pink, purple, blue and yellow sapphires and pavé-set diamonds on dial – BVL 208 manufacture skeletonised manual-winding tourbillon – 21,600 vph – 64h power reserve – price on request

The Giardino Dell’Eden Piccolissimo (103674) is a slightly smaller interpretation of the Garden of Eden but no less spectacular. Set with more than 1,500 gemstones, the profusion of diamonds set in the platinum base is enriched with mandarin garnets, pink tourmalines, rubies, pink and yellow sapphires and rock crystal. Inspired by pieces made by Bvlgari in the 1960s, the incredible artistry behind this creation is captured in details like the slightly uneven petals of the diamond daisy and the delicate colours of the butterfly that is also set on a trembleur.

Bulgari Eden: the Garden of Wonders High Jewellery Watches 2022

Beneath the delightful composition of flowers, the hexagonal scales of the snake can be discerned coiling around the oval-shaped dial. Blanketed with snow-set diamonds, the only element on the dial is the garnet-coloured handset.

Bulgari Eden: the Garden of Wonders High Jewellery Watches 2022

What adds even more value to this high jewellery timepiece is the presence of Bvlgari’s Piccolissimo watch movement, introduced earlier this year. Designed to fit into the head of the Serpenti Misteriosi high jewellery watches, Bvlgari’s tiny weeny calibre BVL 100 is a marvel of miniaturisation. Measuring just 12.30mm across, 2.50mm thick and weighing 1.30 grams, the BVL 100 is one of the smallest mechanical movements available today and is entirely conceived and produced at Bvlgari’s Manufacture in Le Sentier. To ensure good inertia, the balance wheel is made of white gold and to save space, the anchor is positioned laterally. With no stem for the crown, the winding and setting are done directly with the bidirectional crown on the caseback. The extreme miniaturisation of its 102 components is illustrated by the tiny barrel with its 5mm diameter and 170mm-long spring that can deliver 30 hours of power reserve.

Quick facts: platinum base set with mandarin garnets, rock crystal, pink tourmalines, diamonds, pink and yellow sapphire and snow-set diamonds on dial – BVL 100 manufacture manual-winding micro-movement – 2.5mm thick – 21,600vph – 30h power reserve – price on request

The collection also comprises three other of these impressively complex and highly paved watches; the Blooming Beauty (103681), the Emerald Venus (103680) and the Serpenti Misteriosi Riviera (103246), which you can see below with Bvlgari’s official images, in the same order.

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