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Another Letter From the Editor – Tell Us What YOU Want

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |
Hautlence HL Ti01

Last month I posted the first “Letter from the Editor” in the seven years of Monochrome and I gave you a sneak peek of what is to come and to tell you I would be off the air for a week to enjoy my honeymoon (thanks for all the kind messages!). Immediately after returning we successfully made the transition from to and today we’ve reached our thousandth posts. That’s a perfectly good reason to tell you more about what we’re going to do in the near future and to ASK YOU what you like to see/read more!

Of course we will keep our focus on high-end watch, or Haute Horlogerie, made by BIG and famous watch brands and small independent artisan watchmakers. And in the process we will keep explaining and educating about the beauty of fine watchmaking.  Without these ingredients Monochrome wouldn’t be Monochrome. At the end of this “letter from the editor” you’ll find a form and I kindly ask you to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and requests. Help us, to bring you the best content about high-end watches.

His & Hers - AP Royak & Rolex Airking

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The past seven years of working on Monochrome have been a magnificent experience and when I started I never expected to do what I do today, which is running Monochrome as a full time job. It started as a hobby (OK… a hobby out of control) when I made the first post. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I quit my ‘normal’ job and started running this show full time. Making that switch was a dream that finally came true. And in the process many more dreams came true! As I said, this started as a hobby and if it wasn’t for my passion for fine watches, I would never have had the will nor the perseverance to spent 30-40 hours a week on a hobby (and yes, I had a ‘normal’ full-time job as well). The force of a true passion is strong!

Hautlence HL Ti01

My passion drove me to visit Baselworld, attend all kind of collector meetings, mail/chat extensively with other watch aficionados and…. collect watches. Over the years I’ve bought and sold many watches. I’m no dealer, however sometimes one or two watches had to be sold to create enough funds for another purchase. In the coming months I’ll start writing more about my own watches, what I like so much about these watches and why I bought them. I know that many of you, like me, buy a watch for a specific memorable moment. Or sometimes simply because you’re been dreaming about a certain watch for a loooong time and you finally are able to strap it around your wrist and say it’s yours; a magnificent feeling!

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Two weeks ago we made a successful transition from to the new domain, This was step one of the transition and soon we’ll open our video page (should we call it Monochrome TV or will that only bring back images of the old black & white screens?). Both I and Monochrome’s contributors are extremely pleased with your comments on articles here or through email, however we’d like to hear your suggestions, questions, reactions, requests, etc. Yes, you can see this as an open invitation to tell us what you like to see/read more!

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Thanks in advance for your feedback / suggestions / ideas / requests! You know that we always start the week with our Weekly Watch Photo. Since this post, our thousands posts, is the first of this week, I will share some photos that I posted on Monochrome’s Instagram account. I hope you enjoy them and we’ll be looking forward to your reactions!

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