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Letter from the Editor – What We Think of Smart Watches & Why Monochrome Will Remain About Fine Watchmaking

Smart watches… even the name annoys me. There are however, a league of (more profound) reasons why we do not cover such wrist ornaments on Monochrome. Of course we get questions from our readers asking why we have not reviewed the ref. 5327 Patek Annual Calendar, and rightfully so. We should ha

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Haldimann H11 H12 Steel Blue Dial

Beat Haldimann Goes Back To The Essential With The New Steel H11 and H12

Purity, an absence of the unnecessary and a focus on the essential... That's what Beat Haldimann has been striving for with the timepieces that he crafts by hand. Plus a high dosis of spectacular finishing. Recently Haldimann unveiled his first stainless steel watches with new versions of the no-

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