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A new chapter for HYT Watches, Coming Back with the Sleeker, Smaller T1 Series

The return of the fluid-based display in a new, streamlined design.

| By Xavier Markl | 4 min read |

HYT Watches burst onto the independent watchmaking scene in 2012 with a captivating concept, a truly unique vision and an idea that somehow was antinomic of a mechanical watch; displaying time with fluids. To achieve this, the brand imagined a high-tech micro-fluidic module driven by a mechanical movement. The idea is to use two immiscible liquids in motion inside a glass capillary, working in opposition. Yet, despite the clever concept, HYT Watches’ journey has seen its share of ups and downs. The brand begins a new chapter with a clear look at the road travelled so far and an attentive listening of the market. The outcome is quite convincing. Meet the new HYT T1 Series.

Vahé Vartzbed, the new General Manager of HYT Watches

To explain the reflection that spurred this new chapter, Vahé Vartzbed, the new General Manager of HYT, explains that “It’s in HYT’s DNA to always question the status quo, to Challenge the Norms.” Analyzing the journey this far, HYT aims at reconnecting to its initial concept – with Vincent Perriard, the brand’s first CEO actively involved in this new chapter – in particular watchmaking savoir-faire and innovation. It also emanates from attentive market listening.

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With the new T1 series, HYT introduces a more compact timepiece at 45mm, aligning with the current trend for smaller watches. However, this evolution transcends mere size reduction, focusing on improved ergonomics to achieve an integrated design with no lugs and interchangeable straps. While the octagonal case diameter of the T1 remains at 45mm, it has a notably smaller and sleeker profile compared to any previous HYT model.

Another significant design feature of the sleek T1 series is its closed dial, marking a departure from HYT’s previous open-worked dials. This adjustment serves as a way to appeal to a slightly different clientele, offering a more universally appealing design – though, relatively speaking, still within the realm of off-beat mechanical watchmaking. The T1 was conceived as “modern and designed for everyday wear” According to the brand. Its colour-coated brass dial showcases satin finishes, complemented by black gold appliques adorned with Super-LumiNova for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Additionally, the hands, also crafted in black gold, are also coated with SLN.

HYT has also focused on elevating the watchmaking content by enhancing the finishes for both the case and the movement. This initiative coincides with a revised price positioning, offering more affordable options, with prices starting from CHF 48,000 for the T1 in titanium. The idea is also to introduce new complications in the next months/years.

Turning the watch over, the exhibition case back reveals the hand-wound Calibre HYT 501-CM. It is the movement that was developed with TEC Group and Eric Coudray in 2019. In particular, it shows the two bellows driving the non-miscible liquids through the capillary and an intricately shaped cam. The latter allows synchronizing the fluidic hour and analogue minute indications with precision – which had long been one of the main technical challenges for HYT. Its 13 positions offer as many steps to cohesively index the two displays. Built up with 352 individual components, it operates at 4Hz and stores up to 65 hours of power reserve when fully wound. Besides the fluidic hour indication, it displays the minutes at 12 o’clock while the indicator at 2 o’clock allows you to figure out if the watch needs to be wound. 

As said above, another new feature for HYT, the T1 is fitted with a cool, user-friendly interchangeable strap system. Thanks to a quick-release press button on the case back, you can change the look of your watch in seconds. Each watch is delivered with two rubber straps, each with its own buckle. In addition to a black strap you get a spare blue, dark blue or anthracite strap. Additional strap options include white, light grey and light blue.

The HYT T1 Series debuts with 4 references with two case variations. The titanium/DLC-titanium is paired with either a salmon, anthracite or silver dial. The pink gold/DLC titanium is matched with a midnight blue dial. Price is set respectively at CHF 48,000 and CHF 64,000 excl. taxes.

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3 responses

  1. Ciao Xavier, thanks for sharing this novelty. I’ve always appreciated HYT for the innovative time display, but the overall execution never met my taste. Now I have to say I really like this new version of the “liquid time” display. In its own way it is classic and understated. I wonder how the 45mm case fits, given it is almost lugless. Well done HYT.

  2. Can’t believe HYT is up and running trying again to sell these things. Weren’t there reasons they weren’t successful the first time? Who really are buying these at this price?
    Looks like another quick cash grab from a bunch of Swiss bros.

  3. The HYT T1 SERIES may slicker, however, the watches are way too large at least for my wrist size and of course they are way overpriced. Remedy: Make the HYT T1 SERIES 37 or 38mm and reduce the price t between $2,000 to $5,000 and I will consider a purchase.


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