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VIDEO – An In-Depth Look Inside Carl F. Bucherer, Made of Lucerne

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

The name Bucherer might sound familiar to many of you, so we though it’d be relevant to clarify one or two things… After a closer investigation on the brand, we even discovered that there was actually much more to tell, to see, and to like! This is why today, we bring you this in-depth video focussed on Carl F. Bucherer – and for that, we sat down with CEO Sascha Moeri, we visited the manufacture, which has a strong focus on the in-house peripheral rotor movement, and we discussed history, present and future of the brand – and of course, the link between Carl F. Bucherer and Bucherer retail stores.

Seeing Carl F. Bucherer watches was not a first for us, at Monochrome Watches. We already had quite a complete view on the brand (at least, we though we had) and its watches, via several hands-on articles and reviews – you can see them here. However, as usual, we wanted to know more, simply because a brand is not only about its watches but also (and mainly) about the people that are behind it, as well as its history, its background and its future. Several features of this brand already made quite an impression on us, including the peripheral rotor movement – something that is not unique but Carl F. Bucherer is the only manufacture to have such winding mechanism in watches produced on a large scale.

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Power Reserve Peripheral Rotor

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Because of this almost unique feature, we wanted to bring you inside the manufacture to understand how and why such developments have been made, how this brand came to create such watches. Of course, as the watch-lovers that we are, we made a specific focus on the Manero collection, the most technically advanced range of Carl F. Bucherer.

In this video, CEO of the brand, Sascha Moeri, also answers with great transparency to an important question: the link between Carl F. Bucherer and the Bucherer retail stores – and we prefer him to give you the explanation in the video. Enjoy!

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2 responses

  1. Have a vintage Bucherer, from around 1960, and have always found it rather difficult to find many details about the shops or the watches.
    Thank you very much.

  2. A lot of very nice models. The patravi chronograph annual calendar for ex is really wonderful. One thing I dislike about some of their models however is their need to always write power reserve on the dial. And usually in a very large unclassy font which ruins the whole harmony of the dial. I’m not kidding, I have changed my mind about purchasing several timepieces just because of the huge ‘power reserve’ inscription on the dial. So misplaced! So not in line with the great dials they make. All in all however very very respectful brand with great models.

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