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VIDEO – In Conversation with Laurent Ferrier – The Story of a Man & His Passion(s)

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |
In Conversation with Laurent Ferrier

Great achievements are often driven by a passion. When you talk with Laurent Ferrier, it’s immediately evident that he is a man of passions… Yes, passions with an ‘s’, because as you’ll see in this video although Laurent’s career as a watchmaker started with his passion for watches, the story of Laurent Ferrier as a watch brand has been shaped by his second passion, cars. Today, Monochrome is pleased to show you the human and personal story of a man, of his brand, of his love for watches, as well as the past, present and future of one of the nicest manufactures of traditional timepieces; Laurent Ferrier.

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I personally love watches. I love them for all they represent. Yet, this is not the side of my job I prefer. What drives me most is the human side, the implication of people in their work, the devotion they put into the creation of a watch, the part of their soul that is transferred into a timepiece and the time I get to spend with these passionate people, talking about watches. This is why, aside from large brands, I have a soft spot for independent watchmakers, and Laurent Ferrier is part of the handful of people I have a huge respect and admiration for. In the video above, I tried to make the human side of Laurent come across in his words, to get more from him than just a talk about watches. And in the end, I am pleased with the result and to share with you the story of a man and his passions. Laurent Ferrier is one of the great men of the watchmaking industry, and a humble one. Thank you Laurent.

Video directed and edited by Julien Couson, PMG Productions, for Monochrome-Watches. Sound mixed by Damien Raynaud. All rights reserved to Monochrome-Watches and Laurent Ferrier, 2017.

3 responses

  1. Very beautiful watches, and neat story. Nice to see father and son working together.

  2. It’s a great for collectors since they have such limited numbers in production. The exposed back is beautiful, Its always great to see the mechanical workings of such a piece… family business is always the way to go 🙂

  3. I have seen a number of LF watches “in the flesh”. On the wrist they have a presence that surpasses all but Dufour and Journe. I’d go so far to say I prefer the LF double tourbilion to the Patek perpetual moon phase chronograph, the highest praise I can give to any watch. No photograph can do them justice. So I need to start saving. Now, anyone want to buy a kidney?

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