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SIHH 2016 – The brand new Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016

In the new Overseas Collection, Vacheron introduced the highly desirable ultra-thin edition of the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. This watch clearly brings back VC where it deserves to be, in the top 3 of the luxury sports watches. However, there’s a major issue with the ultra-thin edition: it is rather expensive and not every collector will have pockets large enough to afford it. No worries, if you intend to buy a time-only Overseas, Vacheron-Constantin also has another solution, more affordable and not void of interest (at all). Here is the brand new Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V, with its stainless steel case (but also a pink gold option) and all new in-house movement.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016

Don’t consider the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V as the poor-man Overseas. Consider it at the classical offer and imagine the ultra-thin edition as the luxurious one. In fact, this edition replaces the actual time-only Overseas that we know for several years now – and looking like this. Compared to the previous edition, the new Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V keeps the same DNA but also brings many evolution: shape of the case, design of the dial and hands and mostly a new movement. Overall, the new edition feels more classy, a bit less masculine and bold (something that some didn’t like in the old Overseas was a design a bit outdated and too rugged).

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016

First of all, the new Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V features a completely redesigned case, with a smaller diameter of 41mm (vs. 42mm for the older one). Apart from this slightly smaller diameter, the design is also a bit different, with a more rounded tonneau-shape and a more pronounced and raised bezel, always shaped like a Malte-Cross (an iconic feature of the collection). The case, available in stainless steel or in 18k pink gold, shows a superb finish with surfaces alternating brushing, polishing and satinage. The screwed crown and caseback ensure a 150m water resistance. The case isn’t as slim as the ultra-thin edition, as measuring 11mm – but do consider the presence of a soft iron casing ring ensuring anti-magnetic protection and a transparent sapphire crystal caseback.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016

An interesting feature is the versatility of the new collection. The curves of the case ensure seamless integration with the bracelet or strap – and to allow owners to play with them, VC found an easy solution. The new Overseas models are all about modularity, with three types of easily interchangeable metal bracelets as well as leather and rubber straps. An ingenious interchangeability device for the bracelets/straps and the folding clasp/buckle serves to secure them in place without any need for tools, while guaranteeing the same robustness as a fixed bracelet or strap.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016

The metallic bracelet of the new Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V is, as usual with this collection, a superb piece, with a design inspired by the Malte-Cross and a surfaces alternating brushing and polishing.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016

The evolution can also be spotted on the dial, with a more refined and clean design. The not-so-classy Arabic numerals are now gone to only show some 18k white gold applied baton indexes. Same recipe for the hands: slimmer, longer, more classy. There’s now a double track around the dial, one on the periphery for the minutes and one on the inner flange for the seconds. Finally, the date now takes place at 3 instead of 4h30, making this dial a bit more balanced. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V will be available with a choice of blue or silver for the dials, all with a sun-burst finish on the central part and a velvet-finished flange.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016 - 12

The most interesting part might be the brand new movement, the Calibre 5100. This automatic engine, developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin and adorned with the hallmark of Geneva, is composed of 172 parts. It beats at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and is endowed with a comfortable more than 60-hour power reserve guaranteed by its twin barrels (ensuring the constancy of the torque delivered to the regulating organ). The transparent screwed-down caseback reveals the precious 22K gold oscillating weight adorned with a compass rose.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V - SIHH 2016

3 versions are available:

  • Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V/110A-B126 – stainless steel / silver-toned dial / metallic bracelet plus 2 additional straps (black rubber and black alligator) and an additional clasp
  • Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V/110A-B126 – stainless steel / blue dial / metallic bracelet plus 2 additional straps (blue rubber and blue alligator) and an additional clasp
  • Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic 4500V/000R-B127 – 18k pink gold / silver-toned dial / brown alligator strap on gold folding clasp plus 1 additional straps (brown rubber)

Price is € 38.600 for the Overseas Automatic in red gold, and € 21.700 for the steel version.

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6 responses

  1. Another major improvent is the lack of the needless “Automatic” on the dial which contributes to its cleaner look. I like the Royal Oak also but unfortunately they break the nice waffle texture by prominently placing the unneeded ‘Automatic’ almost as large as the brand name itself – as if the owner needs reminding that the movement runs without winding or battery. ‘Swiss made’ is superfluous as well, but at least it’s barely noticeable on the Overseas, where the AP has put it again well inside the dial area.

  2. SOLD!! Just not on this watch ,-)
    Lovely but really no longer what anyone with eyes would refer to as a sports/active timepiece. The idea of wearing that on a rubber strap makes me feel the same way I do about my nerdy dentist in full leathers on his Harley Fatboy. Sadly society’s march towards metrosexuality and homogeneity has taken what was once a definitively masculine watch and squeezed it into a dress and high heels. Now that’s fine in my book, everyone is free to do their own thing and live their own life.
    But I now find what once was a true statement timepiece for VC is now just yet another very expensive mashup of styles that makes no statement at all – other than that the wearer has a large amount of disposable income. It might as well be a Glasshutte Sixties or any number of pretty, yet indistinct, throwback styled watches. What I wish VC had done was to use these changes (strap-swap, iron ring, ultra thin movement and crystal back) to make the Overseas 47040 thinner, and a tad more elegant without being utterly emasculated. i must admit that I was indecisive about purchasing the limited edition blue 47040 for quite a while now. No longer… I’m going to leave this page and go order one immediately !!

  3. I think it’s an absolute gorgeous watch, regardless if you’re going to a meeting or the pool.

    The small version with diamonds is stunning

  4. OK: I admit it I have a watch problem my wife thinks I need help all that aside Gen 111 chrono (Blue of course) is one of my top 3 favorites and in my rotation. I think it’s time to try leather band haven’t had that one on yet..

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