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Unique URWERK UR-106 for Only Watch 2015 (and this one is for men)

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Last but not least… It is the last of the unique watches to be auctioned in November by Phillips in order to raise funds at Only Watch 2015. To conclude the series of stupendous, one-of-a-kind timepieces (like this, this or this), the time has come for us to present URWERK’s offering, a special edition URWERK UR-106 – remember, their first ladies’ watch that we introduced last week, a watch we found to be almost acceptable for a gentleman’s wrist… So close to being acceptable that with only minor changes, it would become a proper men’ watch. And here it is, the unique (and very cool) URWERK UR-106 for Only Watch (sorry ladies, this one is for us).
URWERK UR-106 Only Watch 2015 Unique Piece

Basically, this unique URWERK UR-106 for Only Watch 2015 is a non diamond-set edition of the regular UR-106 Black Lotus we’ve seen recently. We told you, when we first saw this watch, that we immediately thought it could easily be worn by a gentleman (even with the black diamonds on the bezel). The smaller size of the case (compared to the other URWERK watches) makes it an easy watch for people with smaller wrists (you have to think Asian market here) and the black diamonds are not totally irrelevant in the context of a gentleman’s watch – even if not to everyone’s tastes. One thing is now clear.. the UR-106 for Only Watch has testosterone!

URWERK UR-106 Only Watch 2015 Unique Piece

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Now that the watch has been stripped of its diamonds, we clearly see the pure URWERK Styling. The black case and the yellow accents (for the indexes and the stitching of the strap) are 100% in the vein of previous creations of the brand, like for instance the black edition of the URWERK UR-105 TA Automatic or the URWERK UR-203. The revolving hour satellite complication is still in place at the center of the watch and displays the hours with rotating parts, while pointing the minutes on an arched 60-minute track. Compared to the URWERK UR-106 Black Lotus, it just has a different, plain bezel. Movement, shape of the case, display, finishings, dimensions, materials (titanium and steel for the case, coated with black PVD)… in effect, it is the same watch, minus the diamonds, which hugely effects the aesthetic.

URWERK UR-106 Only Watch 2015 Unique Piece

I have to say, I even sent an amusing message to URWERK’s headquarters last week, just after the introduction of the ladies’s UR-106, to enquire as to whether it would be possible to remove the diamonds… they answered back with the photos of this unique piece… which was hugely frustrating as I am fully aware the price it will command during the auction – it goes without saying I hope it goes the highest possible, as it is for a great cause. This unique URWERK UR-106 will be part of the Only Watch charity auction, taking place on 7 November 2015 in Geneva. It will be sold, together with 42 other unique creations, to raise funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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