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The Tissot PRX Get the Bucherer BLUE Touch

Waffle blue dial, gold-plated accents and classic integrated design.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

Since its introduction in mid-2021, the Tissot PRX has become some sort of a phenomenon for the brand. Surfing on the vibe of the high-end luxury sports watch with integrated bracelet, yet with a far more accessible price despite its great execution, the collection has rapidly expanded to now feature classic steel models, steel-and-gold editions, a trendy green dial and now a bold chronograph version. Today, it’s a limited edition that’s being launched, together with the world’s largest watch retailer, as part of the so-called Bucherer BLUE theme. And yes, if this Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE does look familiar, it’s also more relevant price-wise than the blue-gold edition offered by the brand itself

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE Limited Edition

Being number one when it comes to selling watches, Bucherer has enough power to have its own collection of collaboration watches, all turning around the same theme of blue. The latest watch to surface from this collection is an accessible one, and a very successful one too. It’s indeed based on THE current hit of Tissot, the PRX. Modelled after a late 1970s watch, it’s mostly the fact that it’s an accessible take on the classic codes of the sporty-chic watch with integrated bracelet that generated such enthusiasm. Luxury sports watches are hot, but far from attainable – and not only because they are much more expensive, but also because of the current shortage. Tissot thus answered the demand with a pretty well-executed watch, at a fair price.

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Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE Limited Edition

Now, looking at the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE, it might feel familiar… It indeed relies on the same combination of blue dial and gold bezel as the model already offered by Tissot here. The latter, however, features a solid fluted 18k gold bezel and a flat sunray-brushed dial. And now retails for EUR 2,095 when the classic steel edition required only EUR 695. What Bucherer has done is to bring the same appealing combination of colours/materials, but at a much more accessible price.

The PRX Bucherer BLUE is relying on the same case as all other Powermatic 80 models, meaning a stainless steel central container of 40mm in diameter, 10.8mm in height and about 44mm from one lug to another. It’s topped by a flat sapphire crystal, features a see-through caseback, offers a comfortable 100m water-resistance and the case is rather nicely finished, with alternating brushed surfaces and polished accents. What changes compared to Tissot’s own blue-gold model is that the Bucherer BLUE edition has a PVD yellow gold-plated smooth bezel, not a solid gold one – just like the silver dial edition Tissot has in collection.

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE Limited Edition

Then, another difference is the use of the classic waffle-like pattern on the dial, and not a smooth, brushed dial. Matching with the bezel, the hands, the date window frame and the applied markers are also PVD yellow gold-plated, while the logo and and name of the watch are white. All combined, this gives this PRX Bucherer BLUE a sportier vibe than the model with sold gold fluted bezel.

As for the bracelet, no evolutions are to be reported. We’ll find the same integrated design with brushed surfaces, polished accents and a butterfly folding clasp. The movement inside is still the Powermatic 80, a strong evolution over the 2824 architecture with 80h power reserve, 3Hz frequency and anti-magnetic Nivachron balance spring.

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE Limited Edition

Availability & Price

The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 Bucherer BLUE Limited Edition will be produced in 888 pieces (which isn’t much considering the size of Bucherer and the success of the PRX), only available from Bucherer’s stores and website. It is now available. And last but not least, this edition retails for EUR 725, which is only 30 euros more than the classic steel model and the same price as the silver version with PVD gold bezel.

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5 responses

  1. Is this a real 18k gold plate PVD? Or just a “yellow-tone” pvd? The article seems to suggest that it’s real gold, which is cool

  2. @Keith – Tissot doesn’t provide this detail, but considering the 30 euros price difference between this version and the classic full-steel model, I’d tend to say that it’s only “gold-coloured” PVD

  3. Gone. Many flippers asking a 500+ euro cut. That’s ridiculous. I’d rather add a bit more and get the real gold version. I bet they don’t make or sell many of those either so in a way they are also limited. And the dial finish is more appropriate. I’d rather have an honest sunburst dial than a faux “cut” dial. Then again, it’s an otherwise 600 euro watch, why would I buy it at 1700 just for some(?) grams of gold on it? Ah yes, because it’s a fluted bezel. Darn it… Can’t they make a 38, stainless, fluted bezeled, light blue sunburst dialed, chronometer spec’d, nicely finished caliber, for around 1k-1.2?

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