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The New Garrick S3

The next step in traditional English watchmaking by Garrick

| By Robin Nooy | 4 min read |
Garrick S3 English watchmaking

After S1 and S2 naturally comes S3. Since Garrick’s introduction of the S1 in 2018, the UK based brand is dedicated to honouring traditional skills, with respect to English-style watchmaking and craftsmanship from a bygone era. This third iteration follows the same design language as the previous models and at first, might not seem that different. But looks can be a bit deceiving here, and there is definitely more than meets the eye. This is the new Garrick S3.

Garrick S3 English watchmaking

Garrick was founded only a few years ago and is still considered a very young brand. However, there’s definitely more maturity in its most recent creations. Following the design and technicality sparked by the Portsmouth and Norfolk, Garrick introduced the intriguing S1 in 2018. Being derived from the same backbones as the Portsmouth, movement-wise, the S1 showed more of the prowess Garrick is capable of. It featured the same base movement as the Portsmouth, developed as a proprietary movement with Andreas Strehler’s Uhr Teil AG, but now almost completely free of a dial. The maritime inspired hands, a key design element for Garrick, were suspended directly over the movement. Coupled with a peripheral hour track and subtle subdials for the running seconds and power reserve, it revealed all the mechanical bits and bobs underneath. 

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It offers a clear, unobstructed view of the keyless works, the oversized Trinity free-sprung balance and various gears and pinions in the gear-train. The successor to the S1 was, obviously, the Garrick S2 (reviewed here), with a slightly updated movement, different hands (although a bespoke set is always an option for Garrick) and an engine-turned dial. Where the S1 wowed with its unobstructed view of the movement, the S2 shone with that detailed guilloche dial in either a salmon or rhodium finish. Underneath that gorgeous dial, the manually wound UT-G03 movement was fitted but with rerouted the seconds hand to a central position.

Garrick S3 English watchmaking

On to the Garrick S3 then, the brand’s latest offering. Again we see some of the familiar traits found on previous models. And yet, this is a little bit different, more than you might assume at first glance. The evolution lies in the details of the movement. The new UT-G04 calibre is still hand-wound and still offers the same timing indications; central hours and minutes with off-centred small seconds and power reserve indication. 

Garrick S3 English watchmaking

The construction of the mainplate in the S3 has changed, structurally. Where in the S1 and S2 parts were positioned atop the platine, they are now recessed into it. The result is a calmer, cleaner appearance as parts sit flush with the top level of the movement. Some parts had to be relocated or altered to accommodate the new build. The balance is once again positioned on the lower part of the dial, at six o’clock. This oversized Trinity free-sprung balance is fitted with in-board screws. This construction improves isochronism and reduces turbulences when oscillating.

Garrick S3 English watchmaking

Several movement components, including the balance, are made in Sircumet, just like in the S1 and S2 calibres. This exclusive-to-Garrick antimagnetic alloy offers improved hardness without the need to be tempered by heat, meaning no chance of distortions due to treatment. The distinct bridge spanning the balance is beautifully finished with black polished chamfers. This polishing technique is very time consuming and leaves no room for flaws as the part is polished on a tin plate with some diamond paste. The result is a perfectly flat surface, achieving the much desired mirror-like finish.

The gears of the movement, along with several other components, are made by Garrick in-house, on traditional machinery. On the edge of the dial side of the movement, a heat-blued hour track is positioned. This slightly edges out at the bottom to allow full view of the regulating organ. The hour track also incorporates the subdials for the running seconds and power reserve displays, positioned in the top part of the watch. Flip the watch over to reveal the hand-frosted movement with that originally shaped click spring and screwed chatons. 

Garrick S3 English watchmaking

The Garrick S3 is available in a steel or 18k gold case, measuring 42mm across. The height of the case is 10mm so it wears really comfortable as the S1 and S2 have shown us in the past, as they offer similar dimensions. Naturally, the S3 is fitted with sapphire crystals front and back. The 22mm lugs will be grabbing onto a leather strap, various types of leather possible, which is fitted with a pin-buckle.

availability and price

The Garrick S3 is limited to 5 pieces per year due to the build time of around five months. Every S3 will be made to order, at a price of GBP 29,995 or EUR 33,999.

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  1. I like the watch but I think the hands need to stand out in their own. I think the number track should be a different color from the hands. Maybe gold colored number track? I think the hands will pop more. Other than that a great looking watch.

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