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The Christmas Edition – How Do You Want Your F40? Snow Drifting or a “Verde Abetone” Christmas Tree?

Eggnog cup in one hand, Christmas stocking on the desk... The Petrolhead Corner goes "Ho-Ho-Ho"

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

In a couple of days from now, most of us will be celebrating Christmas. And this means enjoying family time and good food, which is the occasion for the MONOCHROME team to also take a well-deserved break, after an intense year – no worries, we have some articles ready for you next week. As it is time for us to wish you all the best for the festive season, what’s better than to use our not-so-serious “Petrolhead Corner” column to do it… So, how do you want your Ferrari F40? Do you prefer snow drifting with it or do you want it decorated as a Christmas tree…? A very cool “Verde Abetone” Christmas Tree.

Ferrari F40 Snow Drifting In Japan

We told you, this episode of “The Petrolhead Corner” won’t be serious – after all, who wants to be serious during the festive season. What if you take one of the most iconic hypercars of the 1980s, a talented driver (he is, no debate), a pair of snow chains and ski slopes?

The result is the following video, as Red Bull teamed up with driver Takeshi Kimura and transformed the legendary F40, adding rally lights, a luggage rack, snow chains, and a few other things to make it suitable for iced roads… and on its way up a snowy mountainside. Useful? Absolutely not. Easy? Certainly not, as it even caused some serious damages to the car, according to… But in the end, there’s something so satisfying in looking at this beast of a car – not made at all for such a terrain – and the driver struggling to keep it on the road (or what is supposed to be a road).

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Source: Redbull

Save a Christmas Tree… Decorate your “Verde Abetone” F40 with strings of light instead

So… It is time for us to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. And we’ve found the perfect way to combine eco-friendliness, passion for cars and the necessary light tone for the festive season! Save a Christmas tree and turn a green supercar into a perfect festive decoration instead!

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On behalf of the entire MONOCHROME team, thank you for reading us and we wish all the best for you and your loved ones.

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