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The anOrdain Model 2 – An Affordable, Sporty Sequel with Vitreous Enamel Dials from Scotland

The second model in Scottish brand anOrdain's recent history is sportier, but still features Grand Feu enamel dials.

| By Erik Slaven | 3 min read |
anOrdain Model 2

Lewis Heath founded anOrdain a few years ago and assembled a team of jewellery designers, a typographer, graphic designer, product designer and watchmaker to collaborate on something truly unique. The principle focus was on Grand Feu enamel dials, a difficult craft that’s almost always reserved for much pricier, luxury timepieces. Many such brands outsource their enamel dials, but anOrdain spent the better part of three years perfecting its own in-house production. The result was the Model 1 in 2018 with the deep richness of enamel in assorted colours, limited to a production of only eight dials per week. The Model 2, the second attempt in creating nice and affordable pieces, adds a sportier touch with new hands, typography and a smaller case, but enamel dials remain the centrepiece. Let’s take a closer look at the sequel from this independent Scottish brand.

anOrdain Model 2

The anOrdain Model 1 had a 38mm stainless steel case, which has been reduced to 36mm for the new anOrdain Model 2. The case is now offered in several finishes, with options of polished or brushed surfaces depending on the models – to give more of a field watch look. The caseback is a solid screw-in affair this time as well, replacing the first model’s exhibition back. The crown is protected by a formed guard and the case is water-resistant to 50 metres. The vibe is more rugged and outdoorsy now, but this new piece doesn’t forgo elegance.

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anOrdain Model 2

The brilliant enamel dials are what draw your attention and six colours are available for the anOrdain Model 2 – torr blue, moss green, grey, white, midnight green and purple. The labour-intensive, difficult process starts with a hand-cut copper disc that’s “counter-enamelled” on the underside to prevent warping at high heat. A ground powder of silica, red lead and soda ash is applied to the disc and fired at over 830°C multiple times, ultimately forming a deep, glassy surface. The risk of cracks or other defects is high, and an average of fewer than ten dials are finished per week. This resulted in a limited production run for the first model, but the company intends a more long-term approach for the anOrdain Model 2.

The typography has evolved from the first model to a simpler aesthetic with outlined Arabic numerals and indices, and the detailed minute track from the original has been removed entirely. The numerals are printed straight this time, not angled as before. The brand’s name has been placed just above 12 o’clock from the earlier 9 o’clock position, and VITREOUS ENAMEL is proudly printed below 6 o’clock. The openworked, syringe-style hands from the original have been upgraded to a more custom design with Super-LumiNova tips leading from an openworked hour and minute hands, and the original’s seconds hand has also been removed. The new dial is simple, clean and highly legible with a sapphire crystal featuring six layers of anti-reflective coating, well suited for a field watch.

anOrdain Model 2

The Sellita SW200-1 automatic from the Model 1 is now a Sellita SW210-1 hand-wound calibre, modelled after the ETA 2801-2. It has 19 jewels, beats at 28,800vph (4Hz) with a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. Functions include central hours, minutes and hacking seconds (although the seconds hand has been removed). The straps are 18mm with a wide variety available, ranging from steel Milanese to shell cordovan, suede or natural goatskin.

anOrdain Model 2

The anOrdain Model 2 sells for GBP 950 (approx. EUR 1,040 or CHF 1,130) and comes with a 5-year warranty. You can make a purchase and find more information on anOrdain’s website.

14 responses

  1. There was an article on ScottishWatches where the writer had the most beautiful custom orange grand feu dial made for him on the old model 1 – is that possible for the new model 2?

  2. Hi Gil, anOrdain here – it was lovely but took us about 2 weeks to do (new colours take time to master) so it’s not something we’d offer, especially as the team are very busy working through orders.

  3. Cool, understandable. It was a very good job your dialmaker made of that colour, though.

    You should bring back that Hebridean Blue at some point. I’ve never seen any dial that deep, authentic sky-blue before.

  4. So have you gotten your royalty check yet from The Urban Gentry Powered by Watchbox for the ‘credited’ use of your photos?

  5. @Brice

    The guys at ScottishWatches noticed that on top of plagiarizing various online watch sites (Monochrome included – listen to ScottishWatches podcast #49 on youtube from 4m15s in to hear your History of the Breitling Navitimer being ripped verbatim – although the original author of that was credited as ‘Watchtime’, so… *shrugs* dunno if that matters), a lovely young gentleman called Tristano who goes by the professional title of ‘The Urban Gentry’, who now works for Watchbox/Govberg, had also used uncredited and unsolicited photos from anOrdain’s website when doing a video about one of Patek Philippe’s enamel pieces.

  6. @Gil – thanks for this insight… Something we’ll investigate – even though, let’s be real, it won’t be the first one to rip of our photos or text – not even mentioning what happens on Instagram.

  7. @Gil – Well, that’s quite obvious indeed! but for the record, the text was indeed from, which we’ve translated for Monochrome (we had some sort of agreement back then with watchtime to share content)

  8. Ah, cool. Even if it had been something you’d stayed up all night and written by candlelight in your own blood, it wouldn’t be worth the bother. I think this whole thing got enough exposure a couple of months ago for a lot of watch fans to make up their own minds about the guy’s reputation, and that’ll do. Same for anOrdain: having their humble but lovely ~£1k pieces associated with something 100 times the price ain’t no bad thang.

  9. I’d be happy with one of these watches. As they (used to) say, “Simple is efficient”
    Very glad they got the size right too.

  10. I just received my M2 in Midnight Green (as the one depicted above)… these watches just have to be seen in the wild (as opposed to pics) to really get a feel for the depth and colour of these vitreous enamel dials. I also own the M1 as well in Iron Crème. I prefer the look of this newest version’s case design. Again, its a field watch; not the dressy M1 version so there are obvious differences. I wasn’t a big fanboy of the exhibition caseback- so I was happy to see the M2 as done. The open work hands in both models are really unique- I find it amazing that Lewis and his collegues figured out a novel way to work on them further…all in all I love what these young watchmakers from Glasgow are doing..

  11. This article was released 22 Sept and I just received the email this morning 7:05 23 Oct. from anOrdain introducing the model 2 Fumé?
    The watch looks fantastic and would be a must buy, unfortunately at 36mm and the removal of the second hand it’s an easy no buy decision. Why take all the fun out of owning a mechanical watch with the removal of the second hand, just silly. And why discriminate against 90% of watch buyers who are average sized men wanting to buy a watch between 39mm – 41mm? Yes, it’s design resembles a field watch I know.

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