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SIHH 2016 – the new Hautlence collection, including new Vortex, new Tourbillon, new Invictus and new HL2

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

It’s not a secret anymore… Guillaume Tetu, one of the co-founders of the brand, has now gone from Hautlence. However, the brand isn’t dead and for their first participation to the SIHH, the brand has several novelties to show us (those you’re going to see are evolutions of known models but another one, a brand new watch, is also about to be launched). Here is the SIHH 2016 new collection of Hautlence, including new Vortex 02, two new Tourbillon 02 & 03, new Invictus 04 and new HL2.6.

The new Hautlence Vortex 02

SIHH 2016 - Hautlence VORTEX 02

After the brand introduced their first concept / dream watch, the HL2, they came up with another watch, with basically the same incredible movement, positioned horizontally instead of vertically. The result, named Vortex, was just superb – as we showed you here, in our in-depth article with interview of Guillaume Tetu (one of its latest appearance as CEO of Hautlence). After a first edition in polished grade 5 titanium, the Vortex is back in its number 2 edition with a 5N+ Red gold case and some gold accents on the dial, to contrast with the dark tint of the movement. The cage of the regulating organ that rotates 60 degrees every 60 minutes, the retrograde display of the minutes and the chain to display the hours are however, and for our pleasure, always present. Limited to 28 pieces.

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The new Hautlence HL2.6

SIHH 2016 - Hautlence HL2.6

The Hautlence HL2 isn’t really a novelty but it’s always pleasant to see new editions of this stupendous piece (or call it machine if you prefer…). After a titanium edition, a white gold edition, a black and gold edition and black and red edition, the HL2 comes now in its 2.6 edition, with a case entire made of 5N+ red gold and a movement, as well as a chain and indications coated in dark grey. The mechanism used is still the same and it still impresses us after all these years. A desirable edition limited to 28 pieces.

The new Hautlence Tourbillon 02 & 03

SIHH 2016 - Hautlence Tourbillon 02 and 03

The Hautlence Tourbillon was certainly not the most expected watch. However, with its simpler design, a tourbillon located at 6 (and powered by a Moser movement – both companies are owned by the same persons) and its dual-time function, the Hautlence Tourbillon is certainly the most luxurious and classical of them all. However, it keeps some of the typical features of the brand; the shape of the case, the hands or the raised flange in sapphire with applied numerals… The first edition was showing a case in gold and grade 5 titanium, black PVD-coated, together with a black dial. The new editions bring some different colour scheme: the Hautlence Tourbillon 02 has a case entirely in titanium and numerals, hands and periphery of the tourbillon coated in bright blue. The Hautlence Tourbillon 03 features a case in non-coated titanium and gold, together with a rather classical grey dial. Both are regular / non-limited pieces.

The new Hautlence Invictus 04

SIHH 2016 - Hautlence Incivtus 04

The first edition of the Hautlence Invictus was the result of the collaboration between the brand and its famous ambassador Eric Cantona. It was also the first chronograph of the brand and the second watch of the Signature collection, watches with a normal display of the time and lower-end movements but still with a strong design and very cool visual features. The first Invictus, named Morphos, showed a dial with mother of pearl and a titanium case. Then came the Hautlence Invictus 01 (with a black dial and a case made of black PVD-coated titanium and steel and a red gold bezel) and the Hautlence Invictus 03 (with a case fully in black PVD-coated titanium and steel, a black dial and orange accents on the numerals and the strap). For the SIHH 2016, Hautlence brings the Invictus 04, with a case entirely in black PVD-coated steel and titanium, a dial mixing red and black and a matching strap. Non-limited edition.

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