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Customizable to the Max, Yet Affordable – The Revolo Watches Concept

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Revolo Watches affordable Customizable watches

Having a watch that reflects your personality, that has been crafted to your desires, designed according to your own ideas and to your own taste… Sounds like a dream reserved for the happy few? It was the case until Revolo, a Dutch company founded in 2015, had the brilliant idea to let you design your own watch. Now every watch aficionado has the freedom to create something unique. You can choose from three case types, in three finishings, nine bezels, thirty-two dials, and more, much more. You can even choose between three movements, and create the watch that truly reflects who you are… and all this for a very accessible price!

The idea isn’t new. Customization and made-to-order watches have been relatively commonplace in the industry for decades. However that was in days long gone by, and requiring budgets that were not available for the mere mortal. Pretty much every watch you can buy is a standardized product, including the many limited editions that are introduced every year, and for those who are searching for exclusivity, this is maybe not exactly what they are looking for.

Revolo Watches affordable Customizable watches

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Revolo gives you freedom, and it offers the chance to use your own creativity to create your own timepiece. Exclusivity is at centre stage, and they offer a sort of BYOW (Build-Your-Own-Watch) concept. And it gets better as these watches range from €250 (for a simple case with quartz movement) to under €800 (if you go for the Swiss-made automatic calibre and a more complex case/dial combination). Admit it, exclusivity isn’t that exclusive anymore, and that’s just great!

Revolo was founded in 2015 by Ron Weststrate together with Geert Tibosch and supported by a group of private investors from The Netherlands and Belgium. A young but experienced team studied the state of the market and customer’s behaviours, finally concluding that standardisation in products was a dying trend. This is where Revolo stands out of the crowd.

Revolo Watches affordable Customizable watches

Using a comprehensive online configurator, you’ll have access to multiple options to create your unique watch. The options include:

  • 3 types of case, each with 3 possible colours
  • 6 fixed bezels or 3 rotating bezels
  • 18 bezel inlays
  • 3 movements (Ronda quartz, automatic Japanese Miyota 821A or automatic Swiss ETA-like)
  • 6 different dials, each with multiple colours available (black, black and green, blue, green, red, orange, gold…) for a total of 32 possible models
  • 3 types of hands, with 5 different colours
  • 2 types of second hands, with 5 different colours
  • 5 different shapes for the bezel
  • A choice between bracelet or strap
    • 7 different bracelets
    • 26 options for the leather straps
  • 3 different buckles, with 3 colours possible
  • Plain or sapphire back
  • Possibility to have a personalized engraving on the caseback and on the watch box

The most impressive aspect is that nothing is actually limited. You can mix-and-match everything, with no other restrictions than your tastes (which, admittedly, can lead to some quite special designs). From an elegant and simple dress watch for men to a gold-plated and stone-set ladies’ version, or a large and sporty dive-inspired tool, you can actually create many different pieces, all, of course, being unique to your desires.

Revolo also gets a lot of orders from clients who want to give a watch as present. For instance for a wedding, or college graduation. You can have a custom engraving in the watch’s case-back and on the box! After an order comes in, the parts will be collected from their warehouse, and assembled and regulated by a watchmaker in Revolo’s Amsterdam based atelier. Engravings are also done in-house, and it can be in words, or even a logo can be engraved.

As said, prices range from a very affordable €250 to approximately €400 with an automatic Miyota to end up at €600 to maximum €800 Euro with a Swiss movement (depending on the options) and custom engravings. If you want to see exactly how these watches look like in the metal, you can check our review, with a watch created especially for us. And of course, the best thing is to go over the Revolo Watches website and play with the online configurator.

For the period of August 2017, Revolo offers 25% discount on all orders, by using the Coupon Code “MonochromeExclusive” and by ordering directly on their website

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  1. You know, buying a Submariner in 1974 for $200 was about the same as buying a watch today for around $900, so these prices shouldn’t be that surprising. I just wish they made the diver model in 40mm w/ 20mm lug.

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