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The REC x RWB 901, Inspired by World-Famous Japanese Porsche Customizer

Akira Nakai's spirit reborn into a series of bold timepieces.

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
REC Watches RWB 901

When it comes to customized Porsche cars, there’s a name that will come naturally to most enthusiasts. RWB and Akira Nakai might not be known by a mainstream audience, but in the small community of custom 911, this man is a living legend. Famous for his ultra-bold wide-body preparations based on older Porsche models, this is the spirit that REC Watches, a young company with a clear automotive background, has chosen for its latest creations. Meet the new REC x RWB 901 Rotana and Stella – which contain pieces of metal from Akira Nakai’s personal RWB Porsche 911’s.

Akira Nakai is considered an artist and underground phenomenon in the car and drifting community, having specialized in the installation of custom wide-body kits and extreme fenders on classic Porsche 911’s. Doing most of his work by hand, Nakai-san’s RWB conversions are unmistakable and controversial. His violent, chaotic approach is the antithesis to Porsche’s discreet, careful upgrades of their iconic cars. His conversion projects are complete transformative experiences and the birth of something new and extreme. For his project with REC Watches, two of his own cars have been not only sources of inspiration but also ‘donors’, since parts of the cars have been used to create the dials.

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Two models are launched by REC, dubbed Rotana and Stella. The first is based on Akira Nakai’s personal RWB Porsche 911: Rotana – an absolutely outrageous, almost blasphemous, purple turbo car. The second is modelled after Akira Nakai-San’s personal RWB Porsche 911: Stella Artois – a car 12 years in the making and the genesis of all RWB projects. Stella Artois was Nakai-san’s first full conversion: A classic black 1985 Porsche 930 turned into a roaring monster.

With this in mind, you couldn’t expect REC to launch small, elegant dress watches. The REC x RWB 901 are bold sports watch with complex shapes, wide-body cases with ‘large kits’ on the sides and colours that match the cars they are modelled after. Both models share the same case, with a 44mm (46mm with body-kit) diameter and 14.50mm height, equipped with coloured parts on the sides. All the colours – whether the black coating, the purple or the gold accents – are the result of a PVD coating. The cases have a complex shape, yet compact lug-to-lug dimensions – 45.50mm – due to a well-integrated strap.

The dials of both the REC x RWB 901 Rotana and Stella are cut directly from body panels of his own cars. These metal sheets have been left with a raw finishing, only coated with a clear lacquer to protect the surface. While close in design and specs, both models show slight differences in the dial’s layout. The metal on the Stella version is only visible next to the minute track, the central area having a pattern inspired by the 911’s pedals. The Rotana version shows the metal in the central area. Depending on the version, the dials are highlighted by purple or gold accents. Finally, these watches are equipped with a complete calendar with date, weekday and month. Rotana adds a power reserve indication at 12 o’clock.

The casebacks also pay tribute to the cars, with laser-engraved motifs that depict alloy rims. Under these sealed casebacks is a familiar, outsourced movement, the Japanese-made Miyota 9100. This automatic calibre is often used as a (tried-and-tested) alternative to Swiss generic movements. It beats at 4Hz and stores up to 40 hours of power reserve – here with a given accuracy of -10/+30 sec per day.

The watches are worn on a black rubber strap with a debossed texture and an RWB logo. They feature quick-release spring bars and are closed by a PVD-coated pin buckle.

Availability and price

Given the fact that the dials are produced from original parts sourced on Akira Nakai’s own RWB cars, the production is limited to 305 pieces per model, whether the gold-coloured REC x RWB 901 Stella or the purple-coated REC x RWB 901 Rotana.

The watches can now be pre-ordered on the brand’s website, and you can choose your own serial number. Shipment of the watches is expected in July 2020. Both versions are priced at USD 1,795. More details at

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