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OW C-1000, Tribute to the Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000 Dive Watch

The revived version of Ollech & Wajs brings back its iconic dive watch, the Caribbean.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
OW C-1000 - Tribute Ollech and Wajs Caribbean 1000 Dive Watch

Recently, we introduced OW Watches, the revived Ollech & Wajs, a hidden gem of the vintage watch industry, maybe not as well-known as most mainstream brands, but still an icon of tool watches. After two inaugural tool/pilots watches, the OW P-101 and the OW P-104, it is time for OW to bring back its most iconic dive watch, the Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000. So here it is, the new OW C-1000. Still relatively accessible, still cool, even more robust.

The OW C-1000 is a modern take on the iconic Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000, fruit of the collaboration between Ollech & Wajs Zurich and the Jenny Watch Company in 1964. Equipped with a reliable ETA 2452 movement, and the 1,000m (3,300 feet) water-resistant 702 case, the Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000 was adopted, among others, by the diving world record holders Alberto Novelli and Cesare Olgjai, as well as field-tested by the explorer Roberto Dei who took it to the Red Sea and the North Pole, and by the professional divers at Global Marine Incorporated.

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The new OW C-1000 and OW C-1000 S

As we mentioned, these new dive watches are a modern take on the Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000, which is evoked but not copied. Consider this a tribute more than a re-edition. As such, the new OW C-1000 shares a lot with its two previous sisters, the OW P-101 and the OW P-104, starting with the overall shape of its toolish, robust case.

OW C-1000 - Tribute Ollech and Wajs Caribbean 1000 Dive Watch

The OW C-1000 is meant, like the rest of the collection, to be an instrument watch, hence the fully brushed surfaces and the highly protected case. As with previous models, it is housed in a relatively compact case, measuring 39.56mm in diameter – made of 316L stainless steel. However, while the OW P-101 and the OW P-104 were field watches, yet with a 300m water-resistance, the new Caribbean is a true diver, with a 1,000 / 3,300ft water-resistance. In this instance, the case features a new screw-down crown with triple gasket, a reinforced screwed caseback and an extra-strong domed sapphire crystal – explaining the slightly thicker case, at 15.15mm.

OW C-1000 - Tribute Ollech and Wajs Caribbean 1000 Dive Watch

A traditional but vital 60-minute unidirectional bezel is made of brushed stainless steel with a mineral insert. The dial of the OW C-1000 also shares this 1960s tool watch inspiration, with a combination of triangular applied indexes in cream, painted baton markers for the hours and simple yet legible hours and minutes, hands – all of that to provide great contrast and legibility in daylight or dark conditions. A date window is positioned at 6 o’clock.

OW C-1000 - Tribute Ollech and Wajs Caribbean 1000 Dive Watch

Inside this tribute to Caribbean 1000 is a modern yet robust ETA 2824 movement, tested in 5 positions, and which is equipped with an Ollech & Wajs Zurich 1956 engraved main plate and OW machined rotor.

Two models will be available, only differentiated by their strap/bracelet. First is the OW C-1000, mounted on a black Nylon RAF strap and priced at CHF 1,456. Second is the OW C-1000 S, which comes with a new, fully brushed bead-of-rice stainless steel bracelet, reinforcing the vintage look of the watch. This second version is priced at CHF 1,596.

More details about the new OW C-1000 and OW C-1000 S and orders here, at

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  1. “However, while the OW P-101 and the OW P-104 were field watches with a 300m water-resistance, the new Caribbean is a true diver, with a 1,000 / 3,300ft water-resistance. ”

    This is just absolutely wrong. I am astonished that such a statement would be published on a respectable site such as this.

  2. Brice, I suppose that “Just another guy on the web” means that also a 300m water resistant watch, is also a true diver,

  3. @danaos and @Just another guy on the web – the water-resistance doesn’t make the dive watch… It is just one of the multiple factors. The bezel, the dial, the lume, the magnetic and shock resistance, and more of these requirements (according to ISO and DIN standards) make a dive watch. So in this instance, even though the 2 inaugural watches are 300m water-resistant (which is fairly high and more than enough to dive), they both feature bi-directional bezels, without a 60-minute scale. The present Carribean is, on the contrary, dive-focused with its uni-directional 60-min bezel, and to make it even better, has a 1,000m water resistance – even though 100m is enough according to ISO.
    This explains the not-so-inaccurate sentence.

  4. You managed to wriggle your way out of that one, just, but it is very badly-written and misleading to uninformed readers. What you should have posted is something like,
    “While the WR of the previous models at 300m is more than sufficient to dive with, the Caribbean model includes dive-specific attributes which these general field watches lack, such as….. It should be stated though, that there is absolutely no need for such WR ratings, given that most recreational dives take place at less than 50m”

  5. jagotw is the guy who did not like my comments about the Swedish teenager going around the world preaching climate change. this was when I commented on the SUV edition of petrol heads. Turns out (when I researched the Swedish teenager) that there is a lot of hypocrisy with her.

  6. This is a cool looking diver! A little thick but with 1000m water resistance on a $1500 watch I get it. The tool look and feel of a watch like this screams put me in the water.

  7. Sure, it would have probably been worthwhile to disclaim that 300m is about 3 times more water resistance than recreational divers realistically require for diving, but “dive watch” is a term that means something and the presence of a uni-directional bezel is the most unambiguously required attribute outside of decent WR… so I think the way the article is worded is reasonable

  8. PJP, you really need to stop using this website to try to harass a young woman. Get a bit of decency.

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