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Introducing – Oris Divers Sixty Five, now in 42mm, with Blue Dial and Riveted Bracelet (hands-on with live photos & price)

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm Blue Dial - Baselworld 2016

Some of you probably shared a strong enthusiasm last year, when Oris introduced what was certainly the coolest watch of Baselworld 2015, mixing a superb vintage-inspired design, a nice execution and a very acceptable price: the now famous Oris Divers Sixty Five – and I must confess that it is a personal favorite too. Well, this was not a one-shot for the brand but the starting point of an entirely new collection, which already evolved with the introduction of a bronze limited edition dedicated to Carl Brashear, featuring a 42mm case and a blue dial. It was prefiguring the main update of the Oris Divers Sixty Five, now in 42mm, with blue dial and riveted bracelet – in stainless steel of course.

Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm Blue Dial Vs. Oris Divers Sixty Five 40mm Black Dial

The 2016 Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm / Blue dial vs. the 2015 Oris Divers Sixty Five 40mm / Black Dial

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Let’s rewind back to Baselworld 2015. If you take a look at all the watches introduced, and considering the timepieces that most of us can afford, no real debate is possible concerning which was the coolest. The Oris Divers Sixty Five had the vote of the audience. This watch was very inspired in terms of design and the overall quality is on par with watches priced much higher (super-domed sapphire crystal, domed and glossy dial, well manufactured case…). It gave this watch the tittle of coolest of BW2015 – well, at least here at Monochrome-Watches. Then came a first variation with a “Deauville Blue” dial and, more surprising, a limited edition dedicated to legend Carl Brashear, with this time a bronze case measuring 42mm (while the normal one had a 40mm case in steel) and a blue dial with round indexes. Again, this limited edition was not a one-shot but it allowed to prepare collectors to what Oris had in mind for Baselworld 2016, a larger edition of the Sixty Five with the same kind of blue dial.

Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm Blue Dial - Baselworld 2016 - Blue Nato

What are the main evolutions to note on this 2016 edition of the Oris Divers Sixty Five? First and easy one is the increased size of the case. Introduced in 40mm (a size that we found simply perfect at that time), it now features the 42mm case of the bronze edition – but of course in stainless steel. Design, proportions and finishes are the same, meaning a straight case (no protection for the crown), polished thin casebands (which virtually make this watch look super slim), relatively short lugs with a brushed finish, an oversized notched crown and a rotating bezel with 60-minute diving scale. Talking about the bezel, one change to note however. The first 40mm series featured a black aluminum insert and a bezel also coated in black. Now, on the 42mm, the insert is still the same but the bezel is left in raw metal – probably more durable. The scale is also slightly different, with slimmer markers (as you can see in the comparative photo at the beginning of this article). The watch keeps the same water resistance of 100m.

Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm Blue Dial - Baselworld 2016 - riveted bracelet

Another novelty concerns the options for the bracelets / straps. Launched with a vintage-inspired, tropic-like rubber strap, the collection has now evolved with other options, such as a distressed leather strap, a black or blue NATO-like strap or – and this is just cool – a vintage-inspired riveted bracelet, very slim, extremely tapered to the buckle and entirely brushed (however, links are solid and not folded like vintage bracelet). A killer in terms of aesthetics and comfort. The 42mm isn’t such an issue and the watch remains comfortable and easy – even if it has a stronger presence on the wrist.

Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm Blue Dial - Baselworld 2016 - Wristshot

The second main evolution concerns the dial. Previously available in glossy black, with cuboid-shaped indexes (with squarish numerals), the increased size of the Oris Divers Sixty Five also coincide with a more classical dial, in terms of layout, but a bolder color. The dial is still domed and glossy but shows a dark blue color: a deep blue, which, depending on the light conditions, will turn from almost black to vivid blue. The indexes are now traditional dots, applied on the dial and filled with the same faux-patina paint. The hands, of course longer, remain the same as on the 40mm edition.

Besides this new layout and color, the 42mm Oris Divers Sixty Five also shows a different placement of the date. It used to be positioned at 6, in a small window and printed on a black disc. It is now located at 3, slightly larger and printed on a white disc. Probably not the best feature of this new edition. Inside the case ticks the exact same movement, the Oris Calibre 733, basically a Sellita SW200, a Swiss automatic movement, featuring 26 jewels, beating at 28,800vph and offering 38 hours of power reserve – so to say, a very reliable workhorse.

Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm Collection

5 editions of the new 42mm Oris Divers Sixty Five Blue dial will be available:

  • Distressed leather strap – 1,850 Euros
  • Blue NATO fabric strap – 1,850 Euros
  • Black NATO fabric strap – 1,850 Euros
  • Black tropic-like rubber strap – 1,850 Euros
  • Stainless steel riveted bracelet – 2,050 Euros

You can read more details about the 40mm edition here and see all the specifications of the new 42mm edition of the Oris Divers Sixty Five on the official website of the brand.

14 responses

  1. Absolutely LOVE this, and was hoping they would bring out an ss version after seeing the bronze.

    However… I think this is a little too close price wise to the black bay, and with obvious similarities.

    If it came in around the 1k Mark, instead of the 1.5k Mark I would be very tempted, but for an extra couple of hundred I could pick up a BB.

    Killer looking watch though, and huge props to oris for bringing out some fantastic designs recently. I’m loving the vintage revival going on right now.

  2. This watch looks good but a poor value. It’s only 100M and has a relatively short power reserve. Is it 316L stainless with a sapphire crystal? What is the grade of lume? There are better watches for 1/3 the price!

  3. How can a legitimate watch company, experienced in making excellent dive watches make a watch that cannot be taken to the recreational dive limit? 100m is ok for swimming. Not scuba.

  4. @Bert Kanne: Please tell us what kind of watches are 1/3 the price and offer better quality.

  5. This is a fantastic watch and Oris are going from strength to strength. The value is superb and the 100 meter dive depth should not be any sort of an issue because the vast majority of people would not venture more than 20 meters below

  6. Wait a few months and you’ll be able to get this for half the price (slight exaggeration). But seriously, Oris has (quite possible) the worst resale value of any watch brand. Buy a BB instead.

  7. I’d buy an Aquis rather than a BB – same quality (arguably) but half the price. And surely the whole point about the sixty-five is that it’s not a run-of-the-mill looking divers. But I agree that the sixty-five is overpriced.

  8. In Canada with the exchange rate, the price truly sucks.
    Till I can find a nice used one I’ll wear my Seiko turtle reissue.

  9. Great looking watch although I’d rather buy the 40mm due to the vintage look, not sure about how accurate it is however since I haven’t found any info on the web. The 38 hour reserve is good enough for me, even if I have to reset it, I don’t mind. Regarding the dive depths, who has dived, recreationally, more or even close to 100 meters. I am not being ironic this is a genuine question, since I will start diving lessons soon but can’t think of any reason to dive more than 30 or 40 meters.

    For the diving I will wear my Seiko SBDC033 but still knowing that this can also cover my dive needs is very nice.
    My only real concern, since I intent to buy the 40mm version, is the glass dome that it may be prone to scratches.

    Thanks for the great review, by the way.

  10. Where is the brown strap on the 40mm 65 from? It looks so nice!

  11. I am huge fan of Oris but this one reminds me of a Seiko or something similar. Not exactly awe inspiring or motivating me to purchase.

  12. The newer Christopher award C65 automatic is almost half the price

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