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The MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition

The Bell tolls for thee, as MeisterSinger honours its vicennial anniversary.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |
MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition

Twenty years might seem like a very long time, but in the complete history of watchmaking, a manufacturer celebrating two decades of existence can still be considered relatively young. So as not to let this celebratory moment slip by, 2021 has been earmarked as a pivotal year for Meistersinger. A company that started out making watches in 2001 with an unconventional approach to displaying the passing hours is introducing something rather unheard of – pun fully intended: the Meistersinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition.

Ever since the start of the brand, MeisterSinger has had a different philosophy when it comes to displaying time. To portray a more relaxed experience of time, while not running any less accurately, most of its watches have only one hand to indicate time. And yes, while there have been watches with several hands and even additional complications, the entire portfolio revolves around the single-handed design the brand is well-known for.

The inaugural edition of the MeisterSinger Bell Hora launched in April this year.

In April 2021, MeisterSinger surprised us with a new concept. One that takes us down a path usually reserved for much more expensive watches: the chiming hour complication. The MeisterSinger Bell Hora, first presented in a sunray-brushed blue or ivory-coloured dial, featured a sonnerie-au-passage module on top of a Sellita SW 200 base movement. This mechanism allows the watch to chime at every passing hour to inform you another 60 minutes have passed. And for those who might like to enjoy moments of peace and tranquillity now and then, it also has an on-off function that disengages the chiming.

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MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition

The distinguishable feature of the MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition is the dial. Not only is the colour different, but the centrally mounted hand also has a new shape, and the dial displays a unique design. The dial for the Bell Hora Anniversary Edition comes in white and features mostly black markings, accompanied by red and blue.

MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition

On the outer edge of the dial, alternating red and blue lines help with the reading of time. Red for every 15-minute interval, with a blue one on the full hour. At every half-hour mark, the red markers are placed below a “30” and slightly thicker. The final changes to the dial are the spiralling pattern in blue, which is grooved in the regular Bell Hora, and the classical script for the name of the brand and model.

While the regular Bell Hora has a sharp, needle-shaped single hand, the Anniversary Edition comes with a hand inspired by vintage pocket watches. A long, elongated hand, with a sharp arrowhead tip and two roundels, all done in black, revolves over the dial. What is retained is the 12-and 24-hour scale spread around the dial.

MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition

Other than this updated (or perhaps backdated) style, there are no changes to the MeisterSinger Bell Hora. As said, it still uses the Sellita SW 200 as a base movement, with that unique module on top. This gives you great reliability, with decent specifications for such a watch, at a very acceptable price.

The MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition comes on a brown leather strap with contrasting stitching. It is presented as a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at EUR 3,690, which is slightly higher than the non-limited ones. It will be available in the first half of September.

MeisterSinger Bell Hora Anniversary Edition

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