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Kickstarter – Our take on the Huckleberry & Co Atticus Watch (Value Proposition)

| By Matthew Catellier | 3 min read |
Huckleberry & Co Atticus Watch - Kickstarter

Kickstarter has garnered a huge amount of watch startup projects, but we like to choose the promising proposals that stand out from the crowd. One company that really caught our attention here at Monochrome, is known as Huckleberry & Co, and what they came with is named The Atticus Watch… Mechanical movement, stylish look, sleek design, minimalist inspiration, an overall refined package with affordable price! A lot to love here.

Huckleberry & Co Archibald Watch - Kickstarter

Watch companies that are choosing automatic mechanical movements, and blending them with minimalist, clean designs are really hitting the spot when it comes to providing what the market wants in 2016, and at least the next few years to come. There seems to be a trend gaining momentum with classic yet trendy, high-end wrist horology. This trend is clearly on display with the new proposal watch from Huckleberry & Co, and it’s called The Atticus.

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Huckleberry & Co Archibald Watch - Kickstarter

The Atticus is derived and inspired by Bohemian minimalist art (a.k.a Bauhaus for the initiates), which has its roots in some of Germany’s most famous Universities. Bohemian simplistic art is supposed to look simple, yet emit a sense of alien like precision. A style combination like this in a modern timepiece, unusually enough, seems to come off as very classy, elegant and powerful. The style is a little bit on the dressier side, especially when paired with it’s leather strap. Although the intriguing dial with its tiny font and splinter thin hands gives it a casual touch. On the outside, this is what you can expect from “The Atticus”.

Huckleberry & Co Archibald Watch - Kickstarter

The inside mechanics of the watch is actually not far off in terms of mimicking the above description of its fashion design, which in our opinion makes this a piece that is worth our interest here.

Initially, the Atticus may not come off as a groundbreaking innovation; but what the founders behind Huckleberry & Co are trying to do is bring traditional mechanical watchmaking into our present day, and hopefully give it the momentum it needs to mix in, or at least keep up with modern watchmaking technology.

The watch measures 40mm, which is a tad on the big side for a classic design, leaning a little more towards the modern and trendy end of the spectrum. Although the lugs are pretty small and wired, allowing the face of the watch to show off a cleaner look.

Huckleberry & Co Archibald Watch - Kickstarter

The back of the watch has a window, allowing you to view the Japanese Miyota 9132 automatic movement. Which is really common on lower-end automatic watches (almost so that it feels gimmicky), but it’s a real delight to be able to watch the inner workings of a reliable piece of engineering like the Miyota 9132. The power reserve is adequate, coming in at approximately 40 hours without any movement, matching many other mechanical watches. There is also a date display nestled ever so delicately on the right side of the face, unlike other date-featured watches with the magnifying bubble.

Huckleberry & Co Archibald Watch - Kickstarter

It looks European, has a European heritage influence in both its exterior design and mechanical movement, but Huckleberry & Co is actually an Australian brand. They will be launching on Kickstarter this November 2015 in hopes of reaching their milestone and taking The Atticus from dream to reality.

Earlybird prices will be starting at $380 AUD, and post launch prices will be set at $570 AUD. For more details on The Atticus, or if you would like to fund this Australian Kickstarter project please click here, or look at their website here.

This article is written by Matthew Catellier, who covers “Value Propositions” for Monochrome, and also publishes affordable timepieces on his own website Watch Review Blog.

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