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The Dark Knight’s New Wrist Tool, the Jacob & Co. Gotham City

The Batman has a new piece of equipment, and it has twin, flying triple-axis tourbillons.

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Jacob & Co. Gotham City - Batman watch twin triple axis tourbillons

Jacob & Co. is known for the striking, polarizing combination of outstanding mechanics and extravagance of the design. Most of the creations are kinetic objects that are not meant to fly under the radar, yet demonstrate rather impressive mechanical skills. Today, the brand has just announced a new partnership with DC Comics… And there, in the shadows, something was hidden, and it now emerges from the darkness. The Dark Knight is rising again this year, with a new movie where the Batman is incarnated by Robert Pattinson. And he brings with him a new toy, a watch that is far from just a themed piece, but also features one of the most complex movements of J&C. Meet the new Jacob & Co. Gotham City.

Image by DC Comics

The fascination for The Batman can be explained by this enigmatic, ambivalent darkness. There’s something truly special and captivating in DC Comics’ character, and that’s the fact that contrary to most superheroes, he’s still very human. No superpowers, no radioactive exposition, no extraterrestrial origin, the Dark Knight is all about gear and justice, driven by sheer willpower. He mostly relies on his strength and commitment, as well as advanced materials, technology, machines and design to fend off crime and evil. And if there’s something Jacob & Co. is known for it’s this capacity to create ultra-complex, ultra-technical and highly demonstrative watches. Indeed, the Dark Knight has his new wrist tool, and it’s the Gotham City watch.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City - Batman watch twin triple axis tourbillons

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In typical Jacob & Co. tradition, the new Gotham City (in fact, the two watches that compose the collection) is more than just a timepiece. It’s a metaphor, a symbol to honour Batman and what the universe of the character represents. And when Batman is not wearing his dark gear, he’s also known as Bruce Wayne, a typical nonchalant playboy billionaire. And this is what this new watch is all about.

The Jacob & Co. Gotham City is released in two editions, one in matte black DLC titanium, one in polished 18k rose gold. Apart from these different materials and minimal updates to the design, both editions are identical and housed in a new, sharp and angular case with architectural lugs and profile. The case is 45.5mm in diameter and 17.2mm in height. The crown is covered with a rubber band shaped like the Batmobile’s tires and features the franchise’s logo in yellow and black lacquer.

The domed sapphire crystal reveals a cleverly designed dial that manages to both frame the technical elements and to mimic The Batman’s logo. Pretty cool, right? The central part, shaped like a bat, has been cut into a slab of solid onyx and has a polished surface that contrasts with the yellow contour made of Neoralithe, and it contains Super-LumiNova… The Dark Knight will thus not be stealth at night! But that’s an ode to the iconic Batsignal. The DLC model features black hands and markers, while the rose gold model has matching hands and indices.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City - Batman watch twin triple axis tourbillons

The backside of the case reveals another surprise… In fact, depending on the edition chosen, the surprise will be different. The black DLC model has an etched sapphire crystal with a signature drawing. It comes from a 2003 episode penned by Jim Lee, perhaps Batman’s most influential artist in the past 20 years. It’s executed in black and yellow lacquer. The 18k rose gold version is more traditional, yet no less impressive, as it reveals the backside of the Bat-engine, a proprietary hand-wound calibre that has been transformed here so the central bridge takes the shape of a bat-shaped shuriken. As expected with J&C, the movement of the Gotham City watch is impressively decorated.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Jacob & Co. Gotham City, the opened dial reveals a mechanical feast composed of twin, flying, sequential, high-speed, triple-axis tourbillons… Having seen already watches with this complication in action, it’s truly fascinating. Each axis drives a separate cage. The first, outermost one makes a full turn in 24 seconds, the second one in 48 seconds and the third one, closest to the 3 Hz balance wheel, in 180 seconds. Another special feature is that these rotating organs are sequential. Indeed, a spring accumulates energy to allow the cages to jump forward, in far larger increments than a traditional tourbillon. And as if that wasn’t enough, both cages are also flying tourbillons.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City - Batman watch twin triple axis tourbillons

Both versions are worn on a black rubber strap with yellow accents and closed by a deployant clasp matching the case material. The Jacob & Co. Gotham City will be a limited edition of twice 36 pieces (for each edition). The price will be USD 220,000 in black DLC and USD 240,000 in rose gold.

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