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Ultra-Complex & Extravagant, the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino

A deliriously serious take on haute horlogerie.

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |

One might have thought that the precision of Haute Horlogerie could never harmonize with the uncertainty of games of chance? Well, Jacob & Co. merges these two worlds into one timepiece of unexpected complexity. One of its takes on the Astronomia is fitted with a fully operational miniature roulette; at a press of a button, the Astronomia Casino shows its playful side. And the rest remains a demonstration of watchmaking extravaganza. 

Jacob & Co. has managed to create some of the craziest and most complicated watches of the past years. Although the brand has presented more than one wild iteration of its Astronomia, the Casino is certainly among the most unexpected. Like its siblings, this beast of a watch stands out with an impressive vertical movement with planetary indications in constant motion.

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Additionally, it is fitted with a miniature, functional roulette wheel triggered by a pusher at 7 o’clock. Underneath the watch’s four satellite arms, the roulette slots are rendered in black, red and green while its centre is made of aventurine, while the miniature roulette ball is made from white ceramic.

The movement that breathes life to this fun and impressive upmarket toy has nothing to do with chance, though. The vertical calibre Jacob & Co. JCAM29A comprises 395 parts and is regulated by a triple-axis tourbillon. The tourbillon cage rotates on a first axis in 60 seconds and on a second axis in 2.5 minutes. In addition, the movement rotates on itself in 10 minutes. The three other arms of the movement carry the time display, a 288-faceted diamond rotating on itself in 60 seconds and a magnesium-blue lacquered globe, also rotating on itself in 60 seconds. Last, a differential gear system allows the time display to maintain the 12/6 o’clock position upright, regardless of its position around the dial.

This theatrical mechanical animation is presented under an impressive oversized sapphire dome offering changing perspectives from different angles. On the wrist, at 47mm x 27.9mm, the pink gold case of the Astronomia Casino is simply massive. But naturally, this spectacular, over-the-top watch is not meant to go unnoticed… On the contrary, Jacob & Co. watches are clearly designed for the ultra-wealthy, unafraid to show off their toys. Rapper Drake and MMA champion Connor McGregor are reportedly two famous owners of the Astronomia Casino.

Like all Astronomia watches, turning the watch over reveals two symmetrical flip-up keys that sit flush with the pink gold caseback. One is used to wind the movement and the other to set the time. Last, the watch is worn on an alligator strap secured to the wrist with an 18k pink gold folding buckle.

Availability & Price

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino is available in a limited edition of 88 pieces. Price is set at USD 620,000. For more information, please visit

6 responses

  1. Fun, no doubt, but ‘A deliriously serious take on haute horlogerie’?

    Perhaps ‘A seriously delirious take …’ is closer to the truth!?

  2. p.s. Does the ceramic ball rattle around between spins or is it caught and immobilised somehow?

  3. @Ian It is not immobilised and you need to have the watch flat as you play roulette

  4. These started out as deeply visioned novelties, now they are ludicrous expressions of wealth. I think the company needs to retire the calibre because its getting pretty silly.

  5. This looks very complicated, crazy , hideous, and amazingly elegant all in one. It’s also way too expensive, but I like it.

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