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Introducing the URWERK EMC Black

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |
URWERK EMC Black wrist

Months before URWERK launched the EMC – Electro Mechanical Control – in August of last year, we showed you its inner works and explained how it works. In August we showed you the finished watch, which was and still is the only MECHANICAL watch on the market with a build-in precision-testing device and the possibility to fine-adjust it to get the most precise timing as possible. Today show you the newest, the URWERK EMC Black, and I think this one shows what the EMC should have looked like right from the beginning.

The concept of the URWERK EMC is absolutely brilliant. Let me explain and I can imagine that (many of) you recognize this. For some days you’ve had the idea that your watch is not running as precise you want it to. So you put it next to any of the quartz watches in your house or office, to time it exactly. You’re getting slightly annoyed when it’s not running within COSC specs (-4 / +6 seconds per day), however you don’t want to go to your local watch smith, let alone take it to the official dealer because that usually means you’ll have to miss your watch at least several weeks (but usually longer).


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URWERK’s solution is a D.I.Y solution and comes right out of the box, does not need any additional equipment and is easy to use. You simply pull the winding-handle to wind the generator that powers the the performance indicator display. Next you push the button to start the measurement and the performance indicator will tell you exactly and instantly how precise your watch is running. Finally, by means of the timing adjustment screw you can adjust the watch’ timing. Et voila, your watch runs perfectly on time, simple as that!

Why ECM?

Precision has been the holy grail in watchmaking since the very beginning. Abraham Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon to erase negative influences of gravity on a pocket watch’ escapement and later there have been many improvements on escapements in order to make them more precise. Actually most timepieces these days are already extremely precise and precision mainly relies on how good a watch was regulated.

Regulating a watch accurately when it is in the controlled environment of a workshop is one thing. Regulating it for the real world is something else. Of course you wear a watch on your wrist, but at night you maybe put it on the night-stand? How do you put it there? Laying on the case back or maybe on one side with the crown down? And when wearing, do you have a very active life or is the most intense action of your wrist to put your signature on a new contract?

These changes in position, temperature (on the wrist it’s warmer than on the night-stand), shocks, etc. will affect isochronism (timing regularity) of a wristwatch. ECM enables the wearer to obtain information on the watch’ performance and to adjust it to the finest chronometric performance. EMC is the first precision mechanical watch that enables timing to be both easily monitored and easily adjusted by its owner.


The URWERK EMC’s engine is an in-house movement that is powered by two (stacked) mainspring barrels which are located near the crown. It features an integrated circuit board – the EMC ‘brain’ – and on top of the balance wheel is the optical sensor.

The newest monochrome black version comes in a black DLC-treated titanium and steel case. In my opinion it looks more harmonious and this is how the URWERK EMC should have looked right from the beginning. The black “dashboard” that not only shows the time, but also the remaining power reserve, and has an offset small seconds sub dial (for precision timing.) The URWERK EMC Black comes at a price of CHF 118’000.00 (before tax).

Thanks to Ian Skellern, from Quill & Pad, for the photos.

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