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Travel Around the World in Eight Days with a Set of Eight Timepieces by Louis Moinet

With postcards no longer en vogue, collecting city-themed watches is taking off.

| By Denis Peshkov | 4 min read |

Creativity lies at the core of Louis Moinet, evident in every timepiece released by the brand since its inception in 2004. Drawing inspiration from various sources, including space-age exploration and Jules Verne’s imaginative Voyages Extraordinaires, the team at Atelier Louis Moinet in Saint-Blaise has continually thrilled enthusiasts with emotionally evocative and artistically crafted horological wonders. These creations often ignite a sense of wanderlust, prompting one to embark on journeys to the Moon or the ocean’s depths. The brand’s recent unveiling of the “travel package” idea offers a more grounded yet equally captivating adventure. This concept takes enthusiasts on a global journey, with stops in eight cities with special significance to the brand and its founder and owner, Jean-Marie Schaller.

Presented in a leather-covered wooden trunk adorned with a fleur-de-lys monogram and including an original old map of the world dating back to 1786 – the year Louis Moinet was born – the collection comprises eight unique timepieces. Each is encased in red gold, with an inner case crafted from titanium.

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Each watch features a tourbillon positioned at 6 o’clock, its motion mirroring the Earth’s rotation. Faceted, skeletonised hour and minute hands with luminous tips adorn the dial’s centre. With nothing to distract you, these timepieces invite careful examination of the meticulous artwork crafted by the skilled specialists of GVA Cadrans. Entrusted by Louis Moinet, they have created eight exquisite dials – one for each city along the journey. Together, they beckon you to embark on a picturesque world tour from Paris to New York.

Paris is celebrated with a hand-engraved depiction of the Eiffel Tower, crafted from a fragment of the original beam that supported the iconic landmark for a century. This highly detailed architectural marvel rests upon a hand-painted map of Paris, forming a captivating jigsaw puzzle dial composed of 81 interlocked pieces.

The dial inspired by Abu Dhabi features a miniature hand-painted depiction of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, set against a rock crystal base. Against a clear blue sky adorned with a crescent moon, the majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque emerges as the focal point of the dial.

In homage to Bangkok, the blue dial showcases a circular labyrinth symbolising the intricate network of canals and rivers weaving through the city and a floating market, where boats transport various colourful goods amidst floating water lilies.

The Petronas Towers symbolise Kuala Lumpur. They are crafted from silver and stand prominently on a silicon dial engraved with microelectronic circuits. Together, they form a mesmerising kaleidoscope of dynamic lights and reflections, capturing the essence of the burgeoning technology hub.

In tribute to Singapore, the dial features vibrant straw marquetry, forming a lively composition that mirrors the city’s spirit. Against this artful backdrop, the city’s iconic landmarks emerge, with the Marina Bay Sands complex commanding attention, the architecturally distinctive Museum of Arts and Sciences, the iconic Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel, and the Merlion – a mythical creature and the city’s symbol.

At the centre of the Tokyo dial is a metallic paper origami depicting a crane—a revered symbol of longevity and happiness. Positioned against an aventurine base reminiscent of a starry night sky, the origami crane is placed against a captivating backdrop of Mount Fuji and delicate cherry blossoms, meticulously hand-painted with remarkable precision.

In homage to San Francisco, the dial base features a silicon wafer etched with microelectronic circuits—a symbolic nod to the city’s association with Silicon Valley. Standing large against this high-tech pattern is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which vividly represents San Francisco’s enduring landmark. It is meticulously sculpted, hand-painted and positioned in relief on the dial.

In the portrayal of New York, the dial’s sapphire crystal substrate is coated in black paint and showcases the city’s iconic skyline. Utilising a holographic film positioned behind the substrate, the dial creates a mesmerising effect, simulating the illuminated windows of skyscrapers that brightly glow in various colours when viewed from different angles. Standing proudly on the left side of the dial is the Statue of Liberty, meticulously engraved and hand-painted, serving as a towering symbol of freedom – and the city of New York.

The unique timepieces in this Around the World collection are all water resistant to 30m and powered by a flying tourbillon movement, manually wound and operating at 28,800 vibrations/hour. Thanks to the double barrel, the power reserve is 96 hours, which will take you halfway through the journey.

The price of the unique Louis Moinet Around the World in Eight Days set of 8 watches is upon request, for more, visit

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  1. Looks like something I could find in a cheap souvenir shop. But it has a tourbillon… so it’s luxury I guess ?

  2. I can imagine more elegant take on the world tour. Take for.ex. Big Ben Tower clock with outfitted with working hour and minute hands. Or for that sake some iconic clocks from other world cities.

  3. I think these are wonderful, and having them together in a travel trunk is clever and additive to the overall aesthetic. Adding 8 watches at once to your collection, or even giving this as a gift to someone seems pretty unimaginable however.

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