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Introducing ONEOF Accuracy, A Cool Home-Testing Device (with even a version to demagnetize movements)

| By Xavier Markl | 3 min read |
OneOf accuracy home-testing demagnetizer device

Some collectors might have experienced it: sending back your beloved mechanical timepiece to a service center, waiting for 3 or 4 months for it to come back, and learning that in fact, a service was not really needed or that the watch was simply magnetized. However, there might be a solution, for home-testing. ONEOF Accuracy measures the accuracy of your watch with real-time analytics. And there is more – the “boutique” edition will even allow you to demagnetize your watch!

This has been one of the cooler finds at EPHJ (the Geneva trade fair for watchmaking, jewelry and micro-technology – late June 2017). ONEOF Accuracy measures the accuracy of your watch with real-time analytics. Plus, if you go for the “boutique” edition, it can even demagnetize your watch.

OneOf accuracy home-testing demagnetizer device

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The use of ONEOF Accuracy devices could not be simpler – you just need to plug the device into a mobile phone or tablet using the brand’s App (ONEOF Accuracy), which is available on iOS and Android. The user-friendly device measures the following data from your watch: rate, frequency, amplitude and beat error. You can save data for your different watches if you want to keep track of how these perform over time.

It is a stand-alone device, so it requires no battery. You simply need to plug it into your mobile, and it is ready, no calibration is needed. Just watch the following video.

A simple, quick test of the accuracy of a COSC certified Brellum Duobox, still operating with superb accuracy after several months (movement: valjoux 7750) – The video is slightly shortened as the process takes about 30 seconds.

The ONEOF Accuracy operates thanks to a sensor detecting the vibrations in the movement of your mechanical watch, which are amplified and digitalized in order to be processed by the device. It covers the vast majority of mechanical watches but not those with unconventional escapements (meaning that over 99% of mechanical watches will be recognized). The connection is made with the USB port, with no jack connector. Finally, a magnetic field sensor allows you to check whether your movement is magnetized, even on the standard edition.

OneOf accuracy home-testing demagnetizer device

ONEOF has now just released an even cooler device with their “boutique” edition that allows you to easily demagnetize your watch. Magnetic fields are everywhere, and they can affect your mechanical watch, with a loss of precision up to several minutes per day. A significant portion of visits to aftersales services are often simply due to magnetization and do not require other operation, other than demagnetization. Well, you can now manage this easily at home, controlling and demagnetizing your watch in less than 2 minutes. You basically just need to place your watch on your Accuracy Boutique edition and tap the “demag” button on your app. The operation often needs to be repeated with the watch in different positions to be fully efficient.

OneOf accuracy home-testing demagnetizer device

The ONEOF Accuracy devices come in  sleek brushed aluminum housings, are entirely Swiss Made and, we have had the opportunity to visit the production facilities near Neuchatel. They combine great design and cool features, plus are very easy to use. There are only a few minor shortcomings to note. For a start, they only allow you to test your watch in a limited number of positions, which is perfectly fine for  non-professional use. And, if you are an iPhone user, you will need to purchase an adapter from Apple (ONEOF is not an Apple distributor so it is not officially authorized to sell their products – don’t worry though, it is super-simple to buy from Apple and will be delivered within a couple of days).

OneOf accuracy home-testing demagnetizer device

Priced at just $199, it is indeed a cool accessory for watch lovers to have next to a collection. The boutique edition, at $990, is more expensive but the ability to demagnetize your watch yourself is indeed super-useful. For people with 10 luxury watches or more, this can even be a relatively interesting investment, knowing the prices of servicing at certain high-manufactures.

For more information or if you wish to buy online, please visit offers a 10% discount for Monochrome readers – use promo code “monochrome”.

6 responses

  1. I bought a watch demagnatizer off ebay from China for 10 bucks, shipping included. One of those blue boxes. Worked great and did the job in just a few seconds. If I ever have another watch that goes wonky I’ll use it again. I keep it up in a closet shelf. As for watch accuracy I occasionally check my watch against the atomic clock on the internet. It’s free. The Glycine Airman I currently wear is 3 seconds fast every day almost exactly so I see no need to regulate it myself like I did some other watches. If anybody needs any more top tips reply to this thread.

  2. What is the purpose of this ONEOF other than to provide another way to play with your phone?

    A timegrapher costs US$150 on ebay and does a better job providing more functions to regulate a watch quickly and effortlessly.

    ONEOF charge an additional $800 for the demagnetizer and call it “boutique”? I call it a blatant rip-off. Demagnetizers on ebay abound for only $10 and they work great.

  3. Have to agree that $800 for a demagnetiser is ridiculous. I bought one on Amazon for €15 and it works fine. There is a iPad app called Lepsi which can be used to check if your watch has become magnetised and it is free!!

  4. Lol. I love these guys buying their expensive Swiss watches with all external parts coming from Shenzhen, and then shitting on Swiss Made tools. Hilarious.

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