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New Versions Of The Doxa Army In Green Hunter (Live Pics & Price)

No need to have a bronze bezel anymore... The green bezel now comes with the full steel case.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
2023 Doxa Army Green Ceramic Bezel Full Steel

Some watches have slightly weird stories. And the Doxa Army is certainly one of these unicorns, an elusive watch that comes with a complex history. Still, this status makes it even more attractive and Doxa was fully aware of the potential of a re-edition. And this took the shape first of a Black Ceramic Model for Watches of Switzerland (which I’d call a very good teaser), and then the standard collection, available in steel, either with a black or green ceramic insert. However, the latter was only possible when inserted into a bronze bezel. Today, Doxa adds a new reference to the collection, combining Green Hunter and full steel. 

2023 Doxa Army Green Ceramic Bezel Full Steel

The story of the Doxa Army, as we explained it here, isn’t the easiest. it was a watch only made for professional use and never meant to be known by a wide audience. But watch collecting is what it is, and things surface and then become cult… In 1966, the Swiss Army set up a special force of military divers trained to become an elite corps. Its first member began training in 1968 and around that time the Doxa SUB 300T passed a stringent series of tests set up by the Swiss Army so the watch could become part of the standard equipment issued to its divers. In 1969, the brand and the Swiss Army jointly developed a watch based on the specifications of the SUB 300T already in use. This Doxa Army watch came with a matte black case, a countdown 60-minute matte black insert on the diving bezel, and a sand-beige dial that eliminates any risk of glare whilst ensuring excellent readability in low visibility conditions.

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2023 Doxa Army Green Ceramic Bezel Full Steel

As said, the re-edition of the Doxa Army was first teased with a black ceramic watch made for retailer Watches of Switzerland, followed a few months later by the standard production models, in stainless steel and no more limited. The whole concept was pretty simple, with the ceramic case replaced by steel, and two colourways available (both with the same dial, in sand beige). First was a classic black ceramic insert with a steel bezel. Then was a rather appealing and warmer watch with a green hunter ceramic insert, this time with a bezel made of bronze. And while I do think the green-bronze combo looked very attractive, it seems more options were required.

2023 Doxa Army Green Ceramic Bezel Full Steel

So here we are with the newest model, which combines the green hunter ceramic insert, with a steel unidirectional. It’s available either on a beads of rice bracelet, or with an FKM rubber strap in black or in green. In both cases, the box also includes a textile NATO camouflage strap, which, as you can see on our photos, looks pretty cool.

Other than that, no other updates. The specifications of the watch – which are listed at the end of the article – are entirely identical to the other steel editions of the Doxa Army. Available as of now from retailers and Doxa’s online boutique, the watch is priced at EUR 2,210 on rubber strap and EUR 2,250 on steel bracelet (same price as the black ceramic insert model). For more details, please visit

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  1. Nice watch, but without the charm of the classic bezel and beads of rice bracelet. Also, that ancient eta movement…Please…

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