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Introducing new editions of the Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere and D15 Mk-1 GMT

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |
Alexandre Meerson D15 Mk1 GMT Titanium Pacific Coast dial

It’s been a year now that we first talked about Alexandre Meerson, a new comer at that time, that launched his brand from scratch, with a first collection of watches called the Altitude, composed of two (very nice) watches, the Premiere and the Officier. A few months later, he was already prepared for its second watch – a not a new iteration of an existing watch, as the Meerson D15 Mk-1 GMT was an entirely different timepiece. It’s time now to see some more novelties in the catalogue, as we had our hands on the brand new collection of Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere and D15 Mk-1 GMT, with new materials and new dials (and between you and us, it’s not finished yet, as Alexandre is now working on its third watch…).

The Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT Pacific Coast dial

Alexandre Meerson D15 Mk1 GMT Titanium Pacific Coast dial

Under this quite poetic name, “Pacific Coast”, hides a new dial color. The Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT was already available in black, in blue or in silver – three highly classical colors in the watch industry. It’s time now for Alexandre, that we know to be quite a good designer, to let his imagination talk a bit more, by offering a more unusual, warm color to his D15. The “Pacific Coast” color is an interesting mix, in-between a warm brown / tobacco and a anthracite grey. Actually, it is quite difficult to describe this dial, as it changes from cold tones to warmer colors, depending on the ambient light. It’s a sort of cold brown… to put words on it.

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Alexandre Meerson D15 Mk1 GMT Titanium Pacific Coast dial

Combined with a grey alligator strap (like the one we handle), it brings a new vision of the watch (different from the three other editions available at the launch of the watch), more delicate but still easy to match on a daily basis. For the rest, the Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT is still the exact same watch. The superb, facetted case is made of titanium (but other materials are available, as well as polished or brushed surfaces). It measures 44mm, which sounds huge, but I can assure you that, on my small 16.5cm wrist, it wears superbly well (just look at the photos and you’ll see how good are the proportions). The work done on the case and the level of finishing are very qualitative – look at these lugs.

Alexandre Meerson D15 Mk1 GMT Titanium Pacific Coast dial

The technical basis is also identical, with a Vaucher base movement (with a pleasant finishing – Geneva stripes, circular graining, polished angles…). On top is added the GMT module that displays a second time-zone via a central hand, the date in a sub-counter at 6 and a day/night indicator at 9. The 2 pushers on the casebands allow for quick setting of the local time, via one hour increments. Price: £13,500 (incl UK taxes) or 18,850 Euros (incl EU taxes).

The Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT ADLC / White Gold

As we said with the “Pacific Coast” edition, one of the key features of Alexandre Meerson watches is customization, including the choice of different materials for the case (titanium, white gold or blackened titanium). Customization can go even further, with possibilities to have specific dials, with unique colors or unique numbers… There’s almost no limits. One example of this choice of material is the new Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT with black ADLC titanium case and white gold bezel.

Alexandre Meerson D15 Mk1 GMT ADLC White Gold

ADLC, the acronym for amorphous diamond-like carbon, is a modern coating that is extremely resistant to wear and scratches – nothing like the very sensitive PVD coatings. It is here applied on the same brushed titanium case – coatings are known to have better adhesion of titanium than on steel – making also the watch light on the wrist. To prevent the full black effect (both the dial and the strap are also in black), Alexandre Meerson offers the possibility to have the bezel made in white gold, on both the silver and the black dial editions. You can also have this bezel made of ADLC coated titanium.

Alexandre Meerson D15 Mk1 GMT ADLC White Gold

Then again, the look of the Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT is rather transformed with this black case, making it more rugged and more technical. I’m usually not a fan of black watches and I tend to prefer the non-coated editions but in this case, I have to admit that the black coating fits very well the angular shape of the case. Price:

  • Full ADLC Titanium: £14,700 (incl UK taxes) or 20,350 Euros (incl EU taxes)
  • ADLC Titanium / White Gold bezel: £18,900 (incl UK taxes) or 26,350 Euros (incl EU taxes)

The Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere Pacific Coast dial

Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere Pacific Coast dial

The earliest collection, the dressier Altitude Premiere, also receives the new “Pacific Coast” dial, with this same cold brown, tobacco, anthracite colour (I told you, it’s hard to put words on this dial). The classic Altitude Premiere can be featured with this dial on both the titanium case (with a small second subdial matching the rest of the dial) or on the 18k rose gold case (in this case, the small second subdial is also gold tinted, matching the hands but contrasting with the rest of the dial). As always, the Altitude Premiere is available with a large choice of straps, as you can see here an example with a bespoke wolffish strap (probably more intended to ladies but showing all the customization possibilities).

The technical specifications are still the same as with the launching collection: a 41mm case (that, considering the specific Art Deco lugs, feels smaller on the wrist), a choice between three display (time only, small second or date), powered by a Vaucher AM-4808 movement. Finishing as well as overall quality are not debatable. Prices for the Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere Pacific Coast dial:

  • Titanium – Hours / Minutes: £7,900 (incl UK taxes) or 9,575 Euros (incl EU taxes)
  • Titanium – Small Second: £8,600 (incl UK taxes) or 10,420 Euros (incl EU taxes)
  • Titanium – Date: £9,300 (incl UK taxes) or 11,270 Euros (incl EU taxes)
  • Pink Gold – Hours / Minutes: £18,500 (incl UK taxes) or 22,400 Euros (incl EU taxes)
  • Pink Gold – Small Second: £19,200 (incl UK taxes) or 23,265 Euros (incl EU taxes)
  • Pink Gold – Date: £19,900 (incl UK taxes) or 24,115 Euros (incl EU taxes)

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