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The MeisterSinger Edition Passage Celebrates the Present Moment

The master of single-hand watches brings a unique time-passing scale.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Since its creation in 2001, MeisterSinger has been seen as the master of the single-hand watch. Unlike most timepieces on the market (at least 99% of them), which display the time with 3 hands – hours, minutes, seconds – MeisterSinger’s models have a different, slightly poetic and slower approach to time with a mono-aiguille that only indicates the hours and let you imagine the rest of the closest minute. For its latest creation, the MeisterSinger Edition Passage, we have a display that indicates the hours, minutes and seconds… but still, there’s only one hand around the dial.

Like all watches, a MeisterSinger tells the time. But it does it differently, without any of the frenetic minute and second hands of conventional timepieces. It’s all about adopting “a relaxed approach to time in our fast-moving world.” Thanks to a long and fine central needle-like hand, MeisterSinger watches point to the current moment in time more than the exact time divided into hours, minutes and seconds. The idea is to focus on one essential thing, the present moment itself. But for its latest creation, the brand has decided to bring back the minutes and seconds… but still with a unique hand rotating around the dial once every twelve hours.

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The MeisterSinger Edition Passage is all about showing you exactly how much time passes every day, rather than focusing on the exact time it is now. In addition to the 12 hour markers arranged in a circle around the ivory-coloured dial, there are two further coloured tracks around the dial. The first one, in red, shows the time in minutes (from 60 to 720) while the second one, in blue, divides the time in seconds (from 3,600 to 43,200), both equivalent to the duration of half a day. These indications are pointed out by a heat-treated blue central hand that moves slowly around the dial… The frenzy of the scales is thus not to be considered. Only the slow motion of the hand is what matters.

The rest of this MeisterSinger Edition Passage is classic for the brand, with a large 43mm polished steel case with a sapphire crystal on top, a see-through caseback secured by 6 screws and a large dial opening benefitting legibility. Inside is a slightly modified Sellita SW200-1 automatic with 4Hz frequency and 38h power reserve. It is fitted with a personalized rotor.

Available on a wide selection of straps and bracelet (brown vintage saddle leather strap as standard, other options possible on the brand’s e-shop), the MeisterSinger Edition Passage is limited to 100 pieces and will be priced at EUR 2,200. For more details, please visit

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