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HYT H0 x Eau Rouge

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HYT H0 Eau Rouge

The base concept of HYT Watches has always revolved around fluids. Fluid gives life to the watch and animates its functions, in this case, the indication of the time. Observed from this perspective, the HYT H0 (and the rest of the collection) are not that different from human beings… This is why the brand’s latest creation, the HYT H0 x Eau Rouge, features red liquid alluding to the very essence of life, the fluid that keeps us alive: blood. HYT H0 Eau Rouge

HYT introduces two defiantly bold new versions of its “simplest’ creation so far, the H0. What is this watch? Simply a cleaner, purer and more wearable take on the first watch the brand introduced in 2012, the HYT H1. While the mechanical part of the watch is similar – same base movement, same patented micro-fluidic module and same indications on the dial – the style is totally different. The H1 was technical, modern, bold and angular. The H0 is shaped with curves, smooth surfaces and void of any superficial elements. The focus is clearly on the fluidic indication of time.

HYT H0 Eau Rouge

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The HYT H0 x Eau Rouge sub-collection consists of two new watches. Attired in bright red – an evocation of the blood that keeps us alive –  the red fluid brings the watches to life. The case, made out of stainless steel in both cases, is satin brushed and available in standard “silver” steel or anthracite DLC-coated steel. The same colour codes are to be seen on the dials of these two variants, for a fully monochromatic look. This matte, uniform base makes the red accents stand apart. They can be seen on the crown, the rubber strap, the hands and, of course, the blood-red fluid.

HYT H0 Eau Rouge

The HYT H0 x Eau Rouge is, no doubt about it, a large watch (as always with HYT). Yet, large doesn’t mean uncomfortable. Measuring 48.8mm in diameter and 18.7mm in height, the H0 is super comfy and easy on the wrist, thanks to the strap that is attached underneath the case and not in-between lugs. The lug-to-lug dimension is 48mm, comparable to most of the watches with a 42mm case (watches, that is, with proper lugs). The rubber strap is highly curved and hugs even the smallest wrists.

At the heart of the HYT H0 x Eau Rouge is the same combination of a mechanical movement – a 65h power reserve, 4hz frequency, hand-wound calibre created by Chronode – which drives a fluidic module. The concept is well-known today, yet it never fails to impress. Two bellows drive fluids into a capillary tube. While time advances, the left bellow pushes the red fluid into the glass tube to indicate the hours – the H0 is a sort of regulator watch, with the minutes and the seconds indicated on separated sub-dials. The red fluid represents the time that has passed while the transparent fluid represents the remaining time. The junction between these two indicates the current hour. Once the red fluid has completed its path through the capillary, it will act as a retrograde indication and will fly-back to the starting position.

HYT H0 Eau RougeThese two new HYT H0 x Eau Rouge will be priced like the other steel pieces of the collection, meaning around CHF 39,000. More details on

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