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Garrick Updates Its Regulator Into The Regulator MK2

Ten years old and unmistakably British, Garrick continues to impress.

| By Denis Peshkov | 3 min read |

Garrick is a Norfolk-based watchmaker renowned for its attention to detail and craftsmanship expressed in their exquisite dial work, intricate movements, and overall fine finishing. The company, started in 2013 by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmay, specialises in producing low-volume limited-edition and bespoke watches, ensuring exclusivity and uniqueness for its customers. Garrick aims to combine traditional watchmaking techniques with modern design elements, resulting in elegant watches that embody British horology’s heritage and craftsmanship. In 2016, Garrick introduced the Regulator, featuring a unique dial layout powered by a modified Unitas movement. Two years later, they presented it with an engine-turned dial for the first time. This year, they are releasing the Garrick Regulator MK2, which offers a fresh take on this classic complication with a different movement and dial design.

The new Garrick Regulator MK2 is a distinctive timepiece inspired – no surprise – by the traditional regulator clocks used in watchmaking workshops to set and regulate other timekeeping devices. The dial is the standout feature of this timepiece and offers numerous customisation options, making each piece potentially one-of-a-kind. The dial has a central minute hand as the focal point, while separate subdials display the hours at 3 o’clock and seconds at 10 o’clock. This arrangement allows for precise time reading. Still, its asymmetric layout may initially create a sense of imbalance, resolved by the large, free-sprung “Garrick Trinity balance” positioned at 6 o’clock and secured by a bevelled horizontal bridge.

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The prominent minute hand stands out against the other indicators, emphasising its significance in timekeeping and dominating the elaborate dial. Each Garrick Regulator MK2 dial is meticulously crafted in its workshops. It can be adorned with various finishes and patterns, such as frosting or engine-turning, offering visual appeal and depth. The chapter ring, made from hardened steel, features a circular satin finish with laser-engraved markings filled with ink by hand.

The stainless steel case of the Garrick Regulator MK2 has a diameter of 42mm and bears similarities to the earlier Regulator series. However, there are some notable differences, including the exhibition caseback and slightly slimmer profile of 11mm (compared to 11.5mm). The water resistance remains at 100m, but the steel used is the higher-alloy 904L, which provides greater corrosion resistance and can be polished to a higher degree. As is customary with Garrick, the case can be made and decorated according to individual preferences.

A big change for the Regulator MK2 is the fact it’s powered by the manually wound mechanical calibre UT-G02, instead of the modified Unitas 6497. The base movement was developed in collaboration with Andreas Strehler and UhrTeil AG, who produced the movement’s base components, as is the case for various other Garrick collections as well. Garrick then handcrafts the remaining components in-house, allowing for customisation options such as frosting, black polishing, or engraving. With it, and the new dial, the Regulator MK2 moves much closer to existing collections in terms of design.

Garrick offers a fully bespoke service for the Regulator MK2, ensuring each timepiece is unique through dialogue-based customisation. Prices start at GBP 9,995 (excluding VAT) for a Regulator MK2 with a frosted dial and GBP 10,995 for one with an engine-turned dial. Garrick will produce a maximum of 10 pieces annually, all fitted with an alligator or exotic leather strap with a pin buckle.

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