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The New Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Sport GMT

Globetrotter functionality and ease of use make this ultra-modern and luxurious sports watch an exciting offer.

| By Denis Peshkov | 3 min read |

In 2021, Bianchet, an independent, family-owned and family-operated brand, unveiled its inaugural creation, the B1.618 Tourbillon Openworked. This limited edition timepiece established the foundation for Bianchet’s design language and ethos. Building upon this foundation, the brand introduced subsequent releases, including the B1.618 Grande Date and, for this year, the B1.618 Flying Tourbillon Sport GMT. True to its name, the latest addition to the lineup, the Sport GMT, caters to the needs of active travellers with its dual-time GMT complication. Let’s explore its features and craftsmanship.

The new Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Sport GMT tonneau case, meticulously crafted to the exact dimensions as the Grand Date model, measures 43mm in width, 51mm in length and 14.35mm thick. It is engineered to withstand shocks up to 5000G and is water-resistant to 100m. You can choose between two variants – the carbon case, a fusion of high-density carbon and titanium powder, weighing a mere 55g, and the hybrid version, weighing 61g, with a carbon middle case, and a titanium bezel and caseback. Both options feature a polished titanium crown with a coloured rubber ring and two coloured natural vulcanised rubber gaskets, a signature Bianchet element that divides the middle of the case from the bezel and the caseback using the golden ratio proportion. The Sport GMT case boasts glare-proof sapphire crystals on both the front and back.

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The dial of the Flying Tourbillon Sport GMT is a testament to Bianchet’s unique design approach. It embodies an ultra-contemporary aesthetic while adhering to the principles of the golden ratio, which is evident in the architecture of the bridges and the placement of the tourbillon and other components. The predominantly monochromatic, openworked dial features an intricate design that serves as a perfect backdrop for the centrally positioned hour and minute hands, coloured to match the rubber accents of the case and strap.

Encircling the dial’s periphery is a minutes track with luminescent hour indices, ensuring effortless time-reading even in low-light conditions. A 24-hour subdial for reference time is positioned at the top, animated by a rotating globe synchronised with the hour hand. The flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, with its ball-bearings mounted cage accented with hand-applied lacquer for added contrast, is a testament of respect to horological heritage. At 8 o’clock, a practical crown function indicator enhances user experience by simplifying tasks such as winding and setting both local and reference time, ensuring a stress-free operation.

The Bianchet Sport GMT is powered by a proprietary hand-wound openworked movement with the flying 60-second tourbillon; it operates at 21,600 vibrations/hour and offers 90 hours of autonomy. The movement’s titanium main plate and bridges showcase sandblasted and satin-brushed surfaces, with hand-bevelling on titanium components.

The Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Sport GMT debuts with six distinctive references. The carbon case variant is available with white, blue, red, or green accents, with the rotating globe offered in blue, red, or grey. The hybrid case model boasts blue or red rubber accents and handset, with the globe presented in grey. Each reference is paired with a vulcanised natural rubber strap matching the dial accents closed by a titanium folding clasp and an additional black rubber strap for versatility. The price is CHF 75,500 (excl. taxes). For more, please visit

8 responses

  1. Hi Denis, thanks for sharing.
    Interesting watch: carbon case, tourbillon, GMT and 100m w/r are features not commonly seen together. Very cool the crown function indicator as well as the rotating globe, which reminds me of some other high end brands.

    Best regards,

  2. Yawn, same boring generalized comment. As clone means an exact copy: please point to me a similar Richard Mille that has GMT and Globe at 12 hour, and a flying tourbillon at 6 hour.  I give you a Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Sport GMT for free.

  3. I don’t get why people always love to criticize brands trying to come up with something creative. It might look like a Richard Mille at a first glance but then you’ll notice so many differences in terms of design and complication

    This watch has so much to offer. I mean a globe at 12 and tourbillon at 6? Only Greubel Forsey was able to do this so far and the price point is like 7-10x more

  4. Will this brand have client? If yes, they are doing the right thing, if not, then they will just dispear in few years.

  5. Poor’s man Richard Mille. Even in marketing except the Golden ratio thing.
    Mr Bianchet’s answer is summing up everything about the value.
    I guess the watch industry deserves much more creativity rather than copycats.
    Hope they will work on new models with their own DNA.

  6. If it was a copycat you or anybody could get the watch for free, but the fact that this is not happening, demonstrate that it is not copycat as you say. It is not difficult to get the meaning of my comment.

  7. Dear Lukas,
    Since the launch of our first model in 2021, the tourbillon 1.618 openwork, we have sold several hundred watches and already have 23 retailer partners in 22 countries, which is unheard of for any new brand.
    We sponsor two top 20 ATP Players, Grigor Dimitrov and Alex Bublick, and several other partnerships.
    The reason for this success is simple: our tourbillons are beautiful (as we put a lot of effort into the design using the golden ratio and the Italian design approach), have incredible technical specs, and peerless “Haute Horlgerie” finishing, which makes Bianchet Tourbillons watches one of the best value proposition on the market in the 55k to 95k CHF Tourbillon price segment. 
    In Bianchet, we are inspired by Beauty; We love tourbillons.  
    We are obsessed with client satisfaction, and for this reason, we are improving each new model that comes out. 
    Honestly, I get annoyed and irritated ( which I should not, as Dante wrote centuries ago, “Non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa”) when we are discriminated against only because we have chosen the tonneau form and the skeleton architecture, especially when we are pointed out as a clone or copy, which we are clearly not. But I guess the more models we release ( and we have a lot of them in the pipeline), the better our watchmaking vision will be understood, and the better the brand will be respected.


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