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The New Andersen Genève x Benjamin Chee HH Celestial Voyager Supersonic

Another superbly executed world timer, with a rather surprising enamelled dial.

| By Xavier Markl | 4 min read |

The Andersen Genève x Benjamin Chee HH Celestial Voyager Supersonic is the latest in a series of classic world timers created by one of the most respected Swiss independent watchmakers and avid Singaporean collectors, Benjamin Chee. These sophisticated, elegant wristwatches transport us to a different era, echoing the artistry of bygone elegance. A prime example, the Celestial Voyager Supersonic captures a mood and narrative that makes us nostalgic about a golden era of travel when transatlantic journeys could be made on board a marvel of supersonic engineering. Far from feeling outdated, this throwback image breathes a refreshing air of classic charm.

Above and below, previous editions of the Celestial Voyager

The Celestial Voyager Supersonic follows several editions by Andersen Genève and Benjamin Chee Haute Horlogerie or BCHH. The first Celestial Voyager was presented in 2021, and we have covered their Sunset over Cappadocia, Aurora and Arctic Sunrise editions if you need more background information.

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A mix of modernity, luxury and glamour, Concorde was in a class of its own. It remains one of the rare supersonic commercial airliners to date. Twenty years after its final flight, this mythical plane continues to capture the imagination… The Celestial Voyager Supersonic feels like it would have been a perfect traveller’s watch to fly over the Atlantic at supersonic speed on a journey from Paris to New York City. And one that could be worn in confidence in front of the most rarefied gatherings of watch snobs.

Like its predecessors, the Celestial Voyager Supersonic is a very classic world timer. As you would expect with Andersen, it’s very much in the Cottier style (Editor’s Note: Louis Cottier was a precursor of the world time wristwatch, which he designed for Patek Philippe and other prestigious brands) with its artisanal métiers d’art enamel dial and refined lines. Designed with Benjamin Chee, its case exudes an air of restrained, vintage charm. With its “eagle wing” lugs, compact dimensions and lithe profile – 37.7mm in diameter, 10.1mm in thickness – it is supremely elegant on the wrist. 

The two discreet, slender crowns at 3 and 9 o’clock (again, a reference to Cottier’s early watches, such as the Patek 2523) are seamlessly integrated into the case. While it must be acknowledged that these may not be the most practical to operate, their visual appeal is unquestionably worth the minor inconvenience. The left crown bearing the BCHH seal adjusts the city ring, while the right crown engraved with the Andersen Genève logo adjusts the time. Last but not least, in this specific Supersonic edition, Andersen and Benjamin Chee have elected platinum for the mid-case, with a caseback and a bezel in titanium.

The main novelty in comparison with previous editions is the champlevé enamel dial. It showcases the sleek, delta-winged aircraft soaring over New York’s iconic Chrysler building. The technique consists of placing enamel in recesses carved into a white gold plate. Over ten enamel shades are used. These are applied and fired individually in multiple layers. In addition, tiny gold particles, known as paillons, are sprinkled to recreate stars. The night sky extends over the glittering aventurine city ring, New York, highlighted in rose gold powder. Of course, you need to be into métiers d’art watches, but the depth of colours and the way the dial captures and reflects light is truly eye-catching.

Turning the watch over, the caseback offers an unimpeded view of the movement. This automatic calibre is based on an A. Schild S.A. ébauche (AS 1876) is entirely restored and upgraded by Andersen Genève. It beats at a 3Hz frequency and boasts a 40-hour power reserve. An in-house Andersen Genève module drives the world time indication. The decoration is nicely executed. All visible surfaces of the wheels are adorned with snailing and circular graining. A highlight and an Andersen signature feature, the rotor is fashioned out of 21-carat blue gold. It features a guilloché pattern, and it is emblazoned with the silhouette of the Concorde. A mother-of-pearl ring around the movement bears the names of Benjamin Chee Haute Horlogerie and Andersen Genève.

The Andersen Geneve x Benjamin Chee HH Celestial Voyager Supersonic is presented on an elegant grey suede leather strap fitted with a pin buckle. As you can see in our photos, other straps are also available. It is released in a limited edition of just 20 pieces, the same number of Concorde aircraft ever to be built. The watch is priced at CHF 58,800 (excl. taxes) and is available exclusively from BCHH and Andersen Genève. Different customization options are available. For more information, please visit and

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  1. Isnt there any normal cities left? What is ‘moskwa’ doing on the watch…

  2. “It remains the only supersonic commercial airliner to date.”

    The Tupolev Tu-144 says hello.


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