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The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze (Live Pics & Price)

Hamilton's accessible military-inspired watch returns in bronze.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |

In 2018, Hamilton launched a watch that got a lot of attention thanks to its cool design, great proportions, historical accuracy and, as often with the brand, a very decent price. The Khaki Field Mechanical became one of the brand’s classics and has even evolved into a sub-collection with new styles and even an updated hand-wound movement. Inspired by vintage military pieces, the brand has already played with earthy colours in the past with PVD coating. But today’s edition goes one step further and incorporates one of the trendiest materials on the market. Meet the new Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze.

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical is inspired by a model named the Hamilton “Hacked” produced in the mid-20th century. This rather special name comes from the capacity of these watches to make the seconds hand stop when the crown is pulled – a feature that enabled military forces to synchronise their watches, even if it has now become an almost mandatory feature on most modern timepieces. Design-wise, these models were close to Watch Wristlet Waterproofs (the WWW watches, or Dirty Dozen), even though produced later and featuring a central seconds hand. Everything is typical military-style with a double hour track and clean display with luminous hands and markers.

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Faithful to the watches made for US, British and other military forces from the 1940s onwards – including the Hamilton W10 and its descendant, the Khaki Pilot Pioneer – Hamilton revived the Hacked watch in a slightly modernised package in 2018, followed in 2019 with a more powerful movement. First available in steel with a black dial, the brand later introduced models with PVD-coated cases, in brown or black.

Measuring only 38mm in diameter and 9.60mm in height, the Khaki Field Mechanical is a rather compact watch with clear vintage inspiration. Now, the main update for 2021 concerns the material of the case, which is made of bronze (CuSn8 alloy to be precise, with the following formula: Cu = 91.78% / Sn = 8.18%). Bronze has become one of the materials of choice when making retro-looking pieces. Not only because of its warm colour and rugged feel that matches the concept of a military watch or professional dive watch but also because bronze is an ever-changing material. Due to oxidation (from the skin or external elements such as water or acids), the material will get a textured patina that evolves uniquely for each piece. As such, each bronze watch tells a story, something that blends in with the whole nostalgic feel of wearing a mechanical watch – especially with vintage inspiration. For obvious reasons, the caseback is made of titanium. A sapphire crystal protects the dial, and the case is water-resistant to 50 metres.

Complementing the matte surfaces of the case, the dial of the Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze is classic matte black and retains the design found on other editions of this watch. Contrasted and highly legible, it features large Arabic numerals for the hours and a secondary hour track (graduated from 13 to 24). The hands and the triangular indexes marking the hours are all coated with retro-styled beige Super-LumiNova. Naturally, it is a no-date watch, and the overall design is instrumental and simple with just the right amount of details.

Inside the case is a well-known hand-wound calibre Hamilton H-50. An evolution of the ETA 2801 (itself derived from the 2824), it has revised the kinetic chain and lowered the frequency to 3Hz to provide a comfortable 80-hour power reserve. This movement is exclusive to Hamilton and was developed for the brand’s collection of hand-wound military watches.

To complement the rugged look of its case, the Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze will be delivered on a military-inspired leather NATO strap in distressed brown leather. It is closed by a titanium pin-buckle.

Availability & Price

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze (reference H69459530) is launched as part of the permanent collection and won’t be limited. Priced at EUR 745CHF 795 or USD 825, it is now available from Hamilton’s online boutique or retailers.

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5 responses

  1. great looking watch, interesting movement and definitely value for money! just a shame they could not give it more than 50m water resistance, too little for my uses of this kind of watch

  2. Hello Brice
    thank you ( again) for this review, the titanium buckle seems ( for my point of view) to be a fail, it must be strange to have a bronze watch with a silver buckle, it’s a bit of a frankenwatch looking to me, do you know the reason of this choice?
    And by the way, do you know the lug to lug measurement of the watch?

  3. Thanks Pierre. The reason for a titanium buckle might be the same as the titanium caseback, in order to have a hypoallergenic metal in contact with the skin (Bronze isn’t the best for that…). As for the L2L, it’s about 46mm.

  4. Thank you for your answer Brice, apparently Tudor seems to have this problem sorted with the Bronze BB58 and its bronze bracelet, i get a bit lost sometimes with manufacturers choices 😉

  5. That looks super! Pretty tempted to get one myself. Shame there are none for sale in Australia

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