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Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green

The classic German moon phase and Panorama Date watch with a new, deep green dial.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Glashutte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green

This shouldn’t be a surprise anymore, but indeed, Glashütte Original isn’t quite so austere and Teutonic anymore. For a couple of years now, the Saxon brand has infused colour and boldness to its (superbly executed) watches, going as far as creating fiery orange dials. And this strategy also applies to the most classic watches of the brand, including the timeless PML. Following the superb salmon dial version of last year, here’s the new Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green. 

Glashutte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green

The PanoMaticLunar (a.k.a PML) is a watch that no longer needs an introduction. Together with the PanoReserve, it is one of the best-known and most appreciated watches produced by Glashütte Original – and for good reason. It features all the ingredients you’d expect from a Saxon watch; the off-centred and yet totally balanced display, the dial animated by multiple complications, a date displayed on two discs, a robust yet elegant case, an in-house movement with a 3/4 plate and beautiful decoration of all the parts. Usually seen with an elegant austere silvery dial with blue contrasting elements (as well as blue or anthracite dials), this watch also looks great with colours. Exhibit A: the recently introduced salmon-coloured version. Exhibit B: the brand new PanoMaticLunar Forest Green.

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Glashutte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green

This new, colourful take on the Glashütte Original PML mixes well-known elements.  Apart from the colours, the watch doesn’t change technically or visually. And that forest green colour should be familiar to you too, since it is reminiscent of the Sixties Annual Edition 2018, with its textured green dial. And that colour makes a huge difference in the classic PanoMaticLunar, bringing modernity and freshness.

As this new PanoMaticLunar Forest Green is all about colours and materials, let’s start by the design. While the layout of the dial remains the same as all other editions of the PML, its colours are now obtained with a varnished dial in green and black with a gradient effect – the central area of the dial is lighter than the periphery. After the dial-makers have first given the dial a coat of galvanic nickel, the outer edge is carefully sprayed with black lacquer to produce the special dégradé effect. The entire surface is then coated with transparent green lacquer. As always, this dial is produced internally by GO, in its Pforzheim-based dial manufacture. Like the nature-inspired colour of the dial, the strap is made from Louisiana alligator leather, in brown with a nubuck effect. A steel bracelet is also available.

Glashutte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green

The rest of the watch is the classic that we know and love. The Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green is housed in a 40mm stainless steel case with polished surfaces and a brushed caseband. The dial retains its original display guided by the Golden Ratio, with the time indicated by two off-centred sub-dials on the left, while the right side of the dial is reserved for complications, in this case, a silver-coloured moon indication and Panorama Date.

Glashutte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green

Inside the case is the in-house Calibre 90-02, an automatic movement with an off-centred rotor, following the shape of the typically German 3/4 plate. This large movement beats at 4Hz and stores 42 hours of power reserve. The decoration includes bevelled edges, polished steel parts, polished/blued screws, a skeletonized rotor with a 21k gold oscillating weight, a 3/4 plate with Glashütte stripes finish and a hand-engraved duplex swan-neck fine adjustment.

Availability and Price

The Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar Forest Green will be available from June 2020, in all Glashütte Original Boutiques worldwide. It can be ordered on leather with a pin buckle (at EUR 9,500), on leather with a folding buckle (at EUR 9,800) or on a stainless steel bracelet with folding buckle (at EUR 10,900).

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