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Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer

A 5-piece limited edition combining a platinum & ceramic case with a striking blue dial.

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |
Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer

If the name dates back to the 18th century, Ferdinand Berthoud was resurrected only recently by Chopard’s Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and his team. While manifesting respect to the Berthoud legacy, the brand’s first creations offer a superb, modern take on this heritage. These watches have received a remarkable accolade from the watch community and industry: at the GPHG, the Oscars of watchmaking, Ferdinand Berthoud was awarded the prestigious Aiguille d’Or in 2016 and the Chronometry prize in 2019. On the occasion of the Dubai Watch Week, the brand introduces a new version of its impressive Chronometer featuring a unique combination of platinum, grey ceramic and a translucent blue dial. Meet the Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer.

Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer

The FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer is an elegant take on Ferdinand Berthoud’s first contemporary creation. For the occasion, the signature 44mm octagonal case is presented in 950 platinum with ceramic inter-lug inserts. Its subtle tone contrasts beautifully with a silky translucent blue dial with a vertical satin finish.

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Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer

Inside is the hand-wound FB-T.FC-2 calibre, a version of the brand’s inaugural movement featuring three sapphire bridges. Together with the exhibition caseback, these transparent bridges offer an unimpeded view of the watch’s sophisticated and flawless inner workings. A pillar architecture, the movement includes a fusée-and-chain and a one-minute tourbillon. The large tourbillon is secured by a blue CVD-coated arrow-shaped bridge. Operating at 3Hz, it features a balance spring with a Phillips terminal curve.

A Maltese-cross stop-work limits the rotation of the barrel, creating a locking point to prevent any damage from over-winding. The 53-hour power reserve indication is driven by a cone moving up and down along a threaded arbour. In line with the brand’s focus on chronometry, the watch’s precision is attested by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres).

Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer

A 5-piece limited edition, the Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3-1 Sapphire Blue Chronometer is fitted with a hand-stitched, rolled-edged alligator leather strap secured with a platinum safety folding clasp. Price is set at EUR 265,000. More details on

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  1. If I could spend any money, on one watch only, it could very well be a Berthoud.

    (Or a Gauthier… Or Akrivia… Or Grönfeld… Or Credit Eichi:-)

  2. Can MW please stop covering limited editions under 2,000?
    I mean honestly. A quarter of a mil and they’re all sold anyway.

  3. Just another guy, I am sort of with you on the LEs… But from a slightly different perspective. It is annoying that the mainstream, mid-/hi-end manufacturers release a LE once a week, changing the colour of the minute track, or selling a watch in the south-east region of northern South America only, with no actual advancements in watchmaking. But with these independent guys…? They pretty much only do limited, even if they don’t limit the final number of watches, they can it make 5/yr. And they do cost astronomical sums. And these watches are the most interesting to read about. Besides, I don’t think MW aims to be a buyer’s guide, really… If they were, they wouldn’t be covering all these watches costing 10sK/100s of whichever currency.

  4. This company arguably makes the best wristwatch money can buy. I’m sold! But I don’t consider a run of 5 watches to be newsworthy. It smacks far too much of an excuse to be mentioned in the press which is unnecessary and a bit cheap in my opinion.
    A 35% price reduction for one day to celebrate the birthday of their namesake? Fair enough.
    This? Blah!

  5. I think I basically agree… In the end, it is the same watch which was already covered, it just has a different colour.

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