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The Polerouter Book, Celebrating the History, Design and Diversity of the Iconic Universal Genève Watch

Written and published with Polerouter collectors in mind, it deserves a place in any watch enthusiast's library.

| By Denis Peshkov | 2 min read |

While the Polerouter by Universal Genève has long been a favourite watch among collectors, its extensive production in various executions has made it accessible for enthusiasts to discover rare or low-production models. However, with the rising popularity of the watch among new collectors, the landscape is evolving, and the thirst for information is growing. To cater to the increasing interest and address the numerous questions within the Polerouter community, a recently published work by Andrew Willis and Mattia Mazzucchi, The Polerouter Book, seeks to provide valuable information.

It’s important to note that The Polerouter Book does not unveil any details of Gérald Genta’s involvement in the watch’s design, and it excludes Electric, Compact, Polerouter III, or Cal 72 models. Nevertheless, it delves into the origin of the Polerouter model and its significant connection with the SAS trans-polar flights. The book showcases the remarkable design diversity across various Polarouter-Polerouter models, presenting a curated collection of over 120 watch images highlighting each series’ distinctive characteristics.

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The 396-page coffee-table book covers categories such as Bumper, De Luxe, Microrotor Models, Jet, Date, Genève, Sub NS, and Super series and includes numerous references not previously documented, as well as elements such as bracelets, brochures and production records. Drawing from the Universal Genève archives, Andrew Willis and Mattia Mazzucchi incorporate previously unseen material, including technical drawings, catalogues, and production records. Additionally, the book features a wealth of advertising material, creating a sense of nostalgia and warmth. A special section is devoted to bracelets in recognition of the subject’s importance to collectors.

The authors of The Polerouter Book emphasise in the foreword that their work should not be considered a reference guide but rather a source that fosters a greater understanding of the Polerouter and introduces the watch to a new audience.

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