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Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT (With Live Pics)

The essential complication for a pilot's watch now incorporated in the Bell & Ross Vintage collection.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT

Just like the hallmark circle-within-a-square BR01 or BR03 models, the recently updated Vintage collection by Bell & Ross remains first and foremost a pilot’s watch. Apart from the chronograph, what could be the next most relevant complication to have on such a watch? Well, the answer is a GMT function, of course. Aware of that, Bell & Ross presents the Vintage BRV2-93 GMT with a 24-hour central hand and a rotating bezel – the perfect watch for travellers and pilots crossing time zones.

After the successful launch of the three inaugural models – time-only, time-only with rotatable bezel, and chronograph – followed by several limited editions and variations around the model – Steel Heritage, Military, BellyTanker or Garde-Cotes – it’s time for Bell & Ross to add new functionalities to the Vintage collection. Being a pilot’s watch, the natural evolution was to add a GMT function to this watch, creating a functional traveller’s timepiece.

The recipe used by Bell & Ross on this Vintage BRV2-93 GMT is simple but efficient. Take an existing model, add a central 24-hour hand for the GMT function, a splash of colour for legibility and replace the 60-minute scale on the bezel with a two-tone 24-hour scale to create another adjustable time zone indicator. Simple really, but what else do you need on a GMT watch? Nothing and that’s why this new Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT is just spot on. Essential, functional, utilitarian and sporty.

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Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT

The base is the same as all the existing models in the recently redesigned vintage collection. This new GMT version is based on the 41mm 3-hand Vintage BR V2-92 and shares the same case, bracelet or strap, and overall design for the dial. Once again we come across a well-proportioned, well-designed and well-built watch. The black dial with large military-inspired numerals and indices and the pilot-style hands are legible and functional. The case, satin-finished and polished, is well-protected and offers 100m water-resistance.Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT

What changes then on this new Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT? First of all, the movement is slightly different and now features an additional time zone display – the movement is based on the well-known and reliable ETA 2893-2. The large orange arrow hand indicates the second time zone and features a quick correction with one-hour increments and is independent of the rest of the display. This watch actually features 3 different time zones:

  • white central hands: local time on a standard 12h display with date linked to this time zone
  • orange arrow hand: second time zone to indicate home time when travelling or a 24h indication when using it as a day/night indication
  • bezel: bi-directional bezel with a 24-hour scale which enables reading of the second time zone but also displaying a third time zone. Rotating it clockwise subtracts hours and anti-clockwise adds hours. Grey section indicates daytime and black background night-time.

Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT

The Bell & Ross Vintage BRV2-93 GMT, as most models in the Vintage collection, can be worn on a black rubber strap with a steel pin buckle or on a stainless steel bracelet with polished and satin-finished surfaces. It is now available from official retailers as well as on the brand’s web-shop. Prices: EUR 2,900 on a rubber strap and EUR 3,200 on a steel bracelet. More details on

6 responses

  1. Your technical specs are copied from B&R’s website, which is unfortunate because their website is awful. For example, this description says the “push buttons” are screw down. There are no push buttons on this model, and thus I question the veracity of the specs provided. The reason I mention this is because the description also indicates there is an “independent hour hand”. I would love it if that were true. Can you tell us if the movement has been modified to make the hour hand, in fact, independently adjustable or is this like a standard 2893-2 where only the GMT hand is independently adjustable with a quick set date instead of a quick set hour hand? Thanks.

  2. Like Dufrensne I would also like to know the specifics on the movement and if the main hour hand is truly independent and this is a travelers GMT as opposed to an office GMT.

    It is extremely frustrating how many GMT watch reviews/articles/whatever fail to clarify this extremely important detail.

  3. @Dufresne and Scotes… the ETA2893/A2 is a nice movement, but in my opinion fails in terms of its GMT functionality. The 24-hour hand is independently adjustable, so not like for instance a ROLEX GMT-Master II where the normal hour hand can be adjusted with 1-hour increments.

  4. Its functionality is the same as independent 12h watches. What differs is the method of setting operation. The 24h hand makes one revolution a day, just as it does with others, so ironically, it is a failure to suggest this is a failure. There is no failure except in the assessment.

  5. Also why would I want a Tudor? They are overpriced, and the GMT model has a reputation for flakiness, and Tudor ownership is rapidly becoming the shibboleth to man-sized internet groupthink.

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