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Pre-BaselWorld 2017 – Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Bell and Ross BR03-92 Horograph - BR03-92 Horolum - Pre-Baselworld 2017

Now that the SIHH 2017 is off, it’s time for the Baselworld-exposing brands to start to unveil (a part of) their new collections. One of the first watchmakers to pull the trigger is Bell & Ross, which is making a comeback to minimalistic aviation-oriented pieces, after a few iterations based on racing-cars or complications. Iconic square case, graphic lines, matte finishing, utilitarian look, monochromatic tones and Bauhaus inspiration… Here are the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum (the latter being a 500-piece limited edition).

Bell and Ross BR03-92 Horograph - BR03-92 Horolum - Pre-Baselworld 2017

The new Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum are back-to-basic watches. Based on the smaller version of the “circle within a square“, dashboard instrument-like case (42mm x 42mm), they are simple watches, which come with that utilitarian / tool look so faithful to the roots of the Parisian brand. These two versions of the BR03-92 follow the precepts of the watch introduced in 2005, with a function-oriented style and an emphasize on utmost legibility – just like a flying instrument on the dashboard of a plane. For these two editions, Bell & Ross takes again inspiration from aviation, but this time not only in the military style, but with something quite unexpected, yet for a cool result.

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Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horograph

Bell and Ross BR03-92 Horograph - Pre-Baselworld 2017

The first edition, the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horograph (“Horo”, from the Latin “Hora” (hour), and “Graph” meaning graphics) is based on the concept of the clocks in airport terminals. Indeed, with its black dial on which white baton hands and indexes are running, the Horograph looks extremely graphic and perfectly legible. This sleek, minimalistic look is reinforced by the micro-blasted finish applied on the steel case – the first time that B&R uses this matte surface on its iconic square case. The result is a rough watch, entirely devoted to the function and with a cool darker grey tone. The Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horograph is secured to the wrist by a black rubber strap (plus an additional ultra-resistant black synthetic fabric) and is powered by a ETA-like automatic movement. Price: 2,700 Euro.

Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horolum Limited Edition

Bell and Ross BR03-92 Horolum - Pre-Baselworld 2017

The second edition, a limited edition of 500 pieces, is based on the traditional 12-3-6-9 sandwich dial, with military inspiration, that is now perfectly known among collectors. Yet, for this BR03-92 Horolum (from the latin Lumen, meaning light), Bell & Ross emphasized on the luminous material used on the hands and indexes, to create a watch recognizable both during the day and at night. Indeed, with its entirely monochromatic look, as both the case, the dial and the hands are matte blasted metal, the only part of the watch that remains visible is the beige luminous paint, which will strongly glow in green at night. This recalls the color used to light up airport runways. Once again, the main objective remains the utilitarian principle of the maximized legibility and the rather furtive look of the watch, just like an instrument that should never disturb the user. This Bell & Ross BR03-92 Horolum is coming on a grey-green leather strap (plus an additional ultra-resistant black synthetic fabric) and is powered by a ETA-like automatic movement. Price: 2,990 Euro.

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7 responses

  1. The square graphic look appeals to me, but it would be nice if they would be offered at 36-38mm. Being so legible they would still read well at that size.

  2. Hi Brice,
    thanks for sharing these new timepieces.
    Indeed it would be interesting to know what “ETA-like movement” stands for…..Sellita ?

    Apart from this, while the Horograph has its own personality in my opinion the Horolum is way too much recalling (both in the name and in the dial) another well-known military watch…this makes it to my eyes way less desirable as it looks like a wannabe watch.

    Just my two cents,

  3. Looks great on the big guns of a SEAL, but for me… I wish B&R had more 36-38mm. I owned a 123 Geneva till’ I dealt it & cash for a 16623, provided symmetry for my 16624. Love the quiet beauty of the BR03-92 Horolum. 36,,, hint, hint.

  4. May B&R do something unconventional (for (B&R), make available, a 38mm, round (traditional shape; my BRV123 has lume, but is weak and short-lived. Many thanks.

  5. What does ETA like mean?Why is it a secret which movement is used in this watch?Are you using a MIYOTA movement?

  6. I read they use sellita movements, is that the eta like movement you are referring to? Strange not to just say it. No shame in it. I’ve heard good things about them !

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