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The Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection Gets New Dials, Colours & Straps (Live Pics & Price)

More options to bring a personal touch to your Polo Watch.

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |
2022 Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection

Ralph Lauren launched its first watch collections in 2009 in the frame of a joint venture with Richemont Group. Standing out with sophisticated designs (often with an automotive inspiration) and a high-end mechanical strategy, these early models reflected Mr Lauren’s own passion for fine watches. A few years later, the company expanded its offerings with more accessible products. Among these is the Polo Watch collection, a sporty model presented in 2020 and emblazoned with the brand’s trademark polo player. This year, the brand adds more options to the collection, so you can personalize them to the max. 

2022 Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection

Presented in a classically-shaped 42mm case, the Ralph Lauren Polo Watch stands out with its lacquered dial emblazoned with the brand’s trademark Polo player rendered in XL scale and in slight relief. The Polo caption on the sporty anodized aluminium bezel is paired with the Ralph Lauren logo at the top of the chapter ring. From the beginning, Ralph Lauren opted for colour and personalization as a full-fledged style element of the collection. 

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2022 Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection

The model, available in stainless steel or with black-PVD coating, has been made available in a variety of dials colours. The large choice of strap options further allowed you to put your own spin on the model – the quick-release spring bars system makes it easy to swap straps and change the personality of your watch in seconds to complement your original strap.

2022 Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection

Since the launch of the model in 2020, the brand has introduced new options with new dial colours – in particular, the white lacquer dial we had for this article – and new straps, such as the colourful, sporty and comfortable rubber straps you can see here. Inlaid with the contrasting POLO caption, these are available in a variety of colours, adding a fun touch to these already bold models. 

2022 Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection

Turning the Ralph Lauren Polo Watch over, the exhibition caseback allows you to discover its mechanical movement, the self-winding calibre RL200 with a 4Hz frequency, 38 hours of power reserve when fully wound and a stop-second mechanism for precise time setting. Based on the Sellita SW-200, there is nothing especially fancy about it but it is a trustworthy and fairly precise engine. The decoration includes Geneva stripes, perlage and a personalized rotor engraved with the brand’s logo. 

2022 Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection

The Ralph Lauren Polo watch retails from EUR 1,690 in steel. The brand also launched a bronze version with a colour-matched aluminium bezel and dial. This model retails for EUR 2,460.

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  1. I find the design highly amusing. It reminds of the days before the internet and high resolution digital imagery where replicas or random products are emblazoned with a facisimile of a high fashion brand logo and where the design is mostly left to artistic licence.

  2. These are just so bad, I mean just so bad . I admire the guts of the guy who green lighted them.

  3. Talk about bad taste – I remember my Hop-along- Cassidy Timex watch I was given when I was 7 – this is about as classy. What sort of person wants this watch?

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