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2020 Car Season – What to Expect this Year for Classic Car Events, Motor Shows and F1 Season

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| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at the most anticipated cars for 2020. Still, there are many more things to expect in 2020, if you’re petrolheads like us. Not only will we see the launch of hundreds of new models, which is why you should take note of the International car shows that will take place this year, but the car world will have even more to offer. So, get your diary and get ready to pencil in some free days, whether for F1 or classic cars events, because there will definitely be some great car-related events near you.

F1 will dramatically change in 2021… But there are things to be excited about in 2020 too

Most of the changes in F1 regulation will occur in 2021, with new aerodynamics, larger and wider wheels/tyres, cars that will be more visually attractive (well, at least to me), races that are expected to be more disputed and cost cuts to allow smaller teams to catch up with the big names. Honestly, I’m very curious to see the results of these new rules on track… Because most attempts to drastically change F1 in the past were somehow vain.

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Still, before these massive shakeups, there’s another F1 season around the corner, starting in a few weeks from now – March 15 to be precise, with the Australian GP. So what can we expect for 2020? First of all, more GPs than ever, with 22 in total, including the new Vietnam GP and the return of F1 in the Netherlands, on the historical Zandvoort circuit. Also, let’s be honest, the list of drivers in 2020 is impressive… But all of the top drivers have contracts ending this season. This could be the last year of Hamilton in a Mercedes, Vettel in a Ferrari or Verstappen in a Red Bull. That makes 2020 “the juiciest driver market” in a long time.

Finally, 2020 will certainly be the setting for another internal battle at Ferrari, between Vettel and Leclerc, as well as a possible ascent of the young wolves, such as Ocon, Norris or Albon. So even if we have to wait for another year to see some dramatic changes, I’d say that 2020 could surprise us on certain levels.

More of the things to expect in 2020 in F1 here, at

Rules, regulations and 2020 F1 calendar

As mentioned, most regulation and updates will take place in 2020. Still, every F1 season brings its fair share of news. The main idea is to increase the suspense, to create more entertainment and to close the gap between the top-tier manufacturers and private teams. For this reason, there will be less testing in 2020 – pre-season testing has been reduced from eight days of running to six, with the two three-day tests due to take place in Spain/Barcelona (and I’ll be attending one of these seasons, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for coverage).

There’s a bunch of aerodynamic evolutions too (very technical, I’m not going into details here) and a series of restrictions on mechanical areas, once again to close the gaps between the teams.

As for the calendar, there will 22 races starting March 15 in Australia and ending on November 29 in Abu Dhabi. You can see the full calendar for the 2020 season, including testing and the full list of pilots/teams here. In the same vein, you can consult a list of all the technical changes here – for nerds only.

major classic car events in 2020

Car shows and events, especially when related to classic cars, are being held all over the place… Every weekend in spring and summer, you’ll easily find a couple of gatherings or regularity rallies. But there are some major events that every classic car lover should attend once in his lifetime. Think Goodwood Members’ Meeting, the Tour Auto, Monterey or Le Mans Classic… Just to name a few.

These events are the icing on the cake, of course, and most of them are not always easily accessible – for location reasons, of course, and because of controlled access in some cases. Still, the list below gathers what could be the 10 major classic events of 2020, and yes, I must admit that not a single of them would be a disappointment for any car enthusiast. Believe me, I’ve done half of them (at least once).

Check here, for a complete list with dates of the major 2020 classic car events. You can also look at here, with a list of 36 events, some of them being less prestigious but no less fascinating, entertaining and probably much easier to access.

10 Car Shows Around The World You Could attend

Because the car world isn’t only about motorsport, supercars or classic cars, but also about cars you could potentially use as daily drivers – even though car shows are also a good way to approach dream machines that most of us won’t be able to acquire (let’s be realistic…), here’s a list of the most important International Motor Shows that will occur in 2020… And there’s definitely a lot to see, on all continents. Think Geneva and Paris, of course, but also Tokyo, Chicago or Beijing.

Here’s a full list of the major 2020 car shows, at

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