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Jacob & Co. Presents The Geneva Week’s Most Expensive Watch, The $20-Million Billionaire Timeless Treasure

When money is really not a problem...

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |

Jacob Arabo, Founder and Chairman of Jacob & Co., has a flair for showmanship and extravagance. One of the most sensational watches presented at during the watch week in Geneva this year is one of his creations. If only for its price tag: $20 millions! Meet the yellow diamond-set Jacob & Co. Billionaire Timeless Treasure.

Fancy coloured diamonds are extremely rare, more so than colorless diamonds. The yellow colour is due to the presence of traces of nitrogen within their carbon structure. It took 3 and a half years to Jacob & co to collect 425 stones in perfect colour (fancy yellow and fancy intense yellow) and size to create one cohesive look. 

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The creation of the Jacob & Co Billionaire Timeless Treasure then required time-consuming craftsmanship and gem-setting. The 880 carats of rough diamonds were meticulously cut to become 216.89. The aim is to create a singular mosaic where each stone has a specific part to play. The process of their Asscher-cutting was an additional challenge. The characteristic square shape with inclining corners requires 57 facets and demands much larger roughs than the typical brilliant cut.

We’ve browsed the entire world for three and a half years in search of an unprecedented number of perfect gems,” says CEO Benjamin Arabov. “We’ve gathered them here, in our Geneva headquarters, where each one was scrutinized at rough stage, at cut stage, before and after setting. The incredible work done by our gemsetters happened entirely here, in Geneva. We’ve combined our expertise in high jewelry with our skills in high watchmaking and used our drive to achieve what has never been done before. So we’ve created a unique piece that outshines every other high jewelry timepiece in opulence, exclusivity and diamond quality.

The gems surrounding the movement on the flange have specific requirements. They are to be longer and thinner so as to fit into the inner ring that connects case and movement. Since it was impossible to maintain color intensity with yellow diamonds of those dimensions, Jacob &Co. used 76 tsavorite gems.

The Billionaire Timeless Treasure is powered by the skeleton tourbillon JCAM39 caliber set with 57 baguette yellow diamonds. Its one-minute tourbillon regulator runs at 3 Hz and the autonomy is of 72 hours when fully wound. A unique piece, the Jacob & Co Billionaire Timeless Treasure project was started in 2017 and retails for USD 20,000,000

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  1. Amazed that someone would feel safe wearing that ugly watch. 20 million dollars is a joke right? Can’t wait to see it displayed on a basketball players wrist.


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