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Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle – Limited Edition in Red Gold (LIVE Photos & Price)

What can be the link between a tourbillon watch and an AK-47 Kalachnikov? At first sight, nothing. But looking at the Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle, you have the connection. The concept is simple and based on a charity idea: creating a watch, raise funds by selling it and for each watch sold, destroy a thousand guns. Most of the charity watches are just limited editions of a classical model, adorned with a logo, a new colour or an engraved caseback. The Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle is watch especially created for that reason and that also includes a part of a gun its own movement. And believe us, it is a complicated engine.

Hautlence Invictus Morphos Limited Edition of 250 pieces

In the past 10 years we’ve got to know the independent watch brand Hautlence for their unique way to indicate time. Always with a regulator-style jumping hour and retrograde minute indication. Last year, this tradition was broken with the introduction of the Destination, a dual time-zone watch with two ‘normal’ hands for the hours and minutes. To mark their 10th anniversary Hautlence joined forced with non other than Éric Cantona to create the brand’s first chronograph, the Hautlence Invictus Morphus. An important piece to start a new decade.

Weekly Watch Photo – The Christophe Claret Collection

Again an impressive manufacture that we wanted to share with you here, on Monochrome-Watches. This Weekly Watch Photo column is for us a very pleasant way to show you amazing pictures of watches, and for this week, it is quite a piece of art: Christophe Claret. The brand represents the essence of the complicated, non-compromised horology with strong design, such as the X-trem-1, gaming-oriented timepieces with the Poker Watch or modern interpretations of the classical watchmaking with, for example, the Soprano. Far away from the spotlights and the glossy displays, here are some watches of the actual collection into the nature.

Weekly Watch Photo: The Sarpaneva Collection

For this Weekly Watch Photo, we continue our independent watchmakers’ tour. After an overview of the Arnold and Son Collection, a very cool photo set of a Speake Marin Wing Commander and a view of the Grönefeld beauties into the wild, we’re having the pleasure to share some timepieces of M. Stepan Sarpaneva. And as we love to do now, all the credits of the photos should be given to the watchmaker himself. 

Ochs und Junior – Luxury 2.0

What is luxury? Luxury was the topic of conversation at the lunch we had with Beat Weinmann, CEO and cofounder of the brand Ochs and Junior. The brand’s technology and design maestro, Ludwig Oechslin, recently retired curator of the Musée International d’Horlogerie, was absent for our gastronomical affair, which happened in Lucerne, far, far away from the bustle of Baselworld 2014. Given that the discussion centered on luxury, you may be surprised to know that the Ochs and Junior’s headquarters sits several blocks away from the prestigious retail enclaves near the lake, and appropriate to the minimalist ethos of the brand, the shop/headquarters sits in an unassuming storefront. Inside is a spartan workshop with large tables for viewing Ochs and Junior watches, which as a rule have an unadorned, industrial feel. Where are the fashion models who waited on us in Basel? Where is the champagne? Where are the precious metals, which are polished to within an inch of their lives? In a word, where is the luxury? “Here, have a glass of plain mineral water and take a look at more than meets the eye.”

Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 370 Mythe (10th Anniversary Edition)

Cars and watches are two universes that match usually very well! Two world of passion, of mechanics and of design. And also two highly collectible objects. The similarities are really significant. That’s what the Bugatti collection by Parmigiani Fleurier is made for: satisfying collectors of beautiful items, both of exclusive cars and high horology. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their partnership, Parmigiani and Bugatti will introduce 3 new watches, and the Type 370 Mythe is the first one.

Hysek Verdict 46mm Double Tourbillon Sapphire Dial

What is the goal of a tourbillon? Improving the accuracy, by negating the effect of gravity. What is the goal of a double tourbillon? Improving twice this accuracy. As basic as it seems to be, a double tourbillon is not a simple mechanism. And that’s what Hysek, a brand we didn’t cover yet, choose to introduce this year, in the Verdict 46mm Double Tourbillon Sapphire Dial. And this is not the only feature that comes into this watch.

Weekly Watch Photo: Speake Marin Spirit Wing Commander into the nature

Watches are made to live, to be worn and to have their own story, visible through the marks they are adorning on their case and strap. We already told you several times, we love watches and for that reason, we want to see them on a wrist and not into a display. That’s the main reason of this summer series: watches worn and photographed by the creators, the watchmakers. Today, our very good friend Peter (Speake-Marin) showed up with a Speake Marin Spirit Wing Commender, in a context far away from the spotlights.

Ludovic Ballouard Halftime Chinese markings – hands-on with live photos and price

Batons, sticks, dots, Arabic or roman numerals, applied or painted; the watch industry is a source for a vast array of sometimes very creative markers. Some brands go for the traditional approach, while others opt for a more creative “twist” to indicate time. We’ve covered the Ludovic Ballouard Halftime before, featuring split markers spread across two discs, but now the Swiss independent manufacturer introduces the Halftime with Chinese markers.