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Introducing the Halda Race Pilot

What is the ultimate racing watch? What defines a racing-timepiece? Is it a necessity to be race-inspired in design or does it have to offer usability as well? It is probable that timepieces like the Chopard Mille Miglia, or TAG Heuer Monaco come to mind. Other than perhaps a chronograph, the usability during racing is limited. There is an alternative though, and it comes from Sweden, a country with a surprising rich history in racing and watchmaking: the Halda Race Pilot. We’ve spent some time hands-on with it, and share our experience in this full review.

Kari Voutilainen GMT-6 with Art Deco dial – Hands-on with live photos and specs

Dear Santa, in case you are able to read this article, you just find my wish-list for Christmas 2014. We’re not going to hide the truth until the conclusion… This edition of the Kari Voutilainen GMT-6 with Art Deco dial is horological art. It is pure, inspired, technical, lavishly finished and elegant. Well, it is perfect in every way. Kari Voutilainen has to be considered as one of the humblest and most talented watchmakers of the industry. For this reason, wearing one of his watches is always a precious moment.

Fire and ice: Gustafsson & Sjögren Nordic Seasons Gold

GoS, which is short for Gustafsson & Sjögren, have just released a new timepiece in the Nordic Seasons collection. Like all their timepieces, there’s a good share of Damascus steel in it, however the new Nordic Seasons Gold features a red gold bezel and lugs. The result is something that brings the icy chill of the arctic and the cozy, warm glow from a log fire, together in a watch. 

Introducing the Hautlence HLRQ-04 and HLRQ-05 Avant-Garde (live photos & price)

After the Chronograph Invictus Morphos limited edition (jointly designed with ‘The King‘ Eric Cantona) and the Destination, that we fully reviewed recently, the Neuchatel-based brand Hautlence comes back to its original concept and to its in-house movement, with new editions of its sporty round model, the HLRQ, part of the Avant-Garde collection, now delivered with bright colored cases. Welcome the Hautlence HLRQ-04 and HLRQ-05!

2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève Won by Breguet Classique Chronométrie 7727

And the Oscar…err, Golden Hand goes to the Breguet Classique Chronométrie. Last Friday evening it was Oscar-night. That is Oscar-night of the watch industry, which is called the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve. Winners in fifteen categories and one overall winner were announced during a gala event in Geneva. There were some remarkable winners; one of them was Grönefeld, who won the prize for Best Tourbillon Watch, and they are the very first winners from the Netherlands!

Cool Finds: Three Ultra Rare Indie Watches for Sale – Sarpaneva, Speake-Marin and Habring²

Today we found three very rare pieces from independent watchmakers for you. There’s a unique piece from Speake-Marin with a custom-made dial from the Japanese artist Yamazaki Mushu, an early piece from Stepan Sarpaneva named Loiste and a Habring² Jumping Seconds with an in-house developed jumping seconds mechanism. 

Weekly Watch Photo: Marc Jenni Prologue WDT

After presenting you the watches from Speake Marin into the nature, after showing you some Gronefeld into the wild or telling all about the Steel Labyrinth by Antti Rönkkö, we continue our summer tour of the independent watchmakers. Today, we want to introduce you a new edition of the Prologue by Marc Jenni, a brand that we already covered but never showed with live photos. Its watches might look simple but, believe us, they are quite unique. 

Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller Enamel US Limited Edition, in White Gold and in Pink Gold (Specs & Price)

As simple as it can visually look at first glance, a watch from Laurent Ferrier is far, very far from being simple and random. Remember, a few years ago we’ve explained you all about the Laurent Ferrier Tourbillon Double Spiral and just after, all about the specific escapement called “double direct impulse on the balance“. Clearly, this is not what we can define as simple watchmaking. And the Double Direct Impulse is now introduced in a new watch, the Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller Enamel, a limited edition especially made for US retailers and that is available in white gold and, for the first time exclusively for Monochrome, in pink gold.

In The Works: Sarpaneva’s First Tourbillon Watch

Sarpaneva, one of our favourite Indie watchmakers here at Monochrome, is preparing a new watch: his first tourbillon watch! A few days ago Stepan Sarpaneva showed us some photos of a tourbillon cage, featuring the typical grid-like design that resembles the dials on many of his watches. He’s already testing and fine-tuning it and told us that most-likely he will introduce his first tourbillon watch at Baselworld 2015 and it will probably incorporate another complication. What complication will that be?