Rare Roger Dubuis watches

Sometimes you see a watch and you immediately ‘fall in love’ with it. This does not happen too often, but what if this happens with two watches from the same brand? Recently a friend mailed me about a watch that was for sale at a local watch store. He knoww I have a weak spot […]

URWERK Cobra CC1 on the wrist

Wristshots of the URWERK UR-CC1 Cobra give a good idea of how it looks on the wrist. Just take a look and judge for yourself. Horomundi’s moderator Ian Skellern recently visited Martin Frei, one of the co-founders of URWERK and chief designer, at his atelier in Zürich. Ian, who’s moderator of the URWERK forum at Horomundi, […]

Interview with Tim and Bart Grönefeld

Last month Tim and Bart Grönefeld launched the Grönefeld One Hertz, a unique wristwatch with an independent deadbeat seconds, also known as seconde morte. Monochrome interviewed Tim and Bart to find out more about these two watchmakers and their two complicated watches. The One Hertz is the second watch from the two brothers from the […]

URWERK 202 White Shark

URWERK reveals the new UR-202 White Shark. A stunning limited edition of only 12 pieces, exclusively available from Chronopassion (Paris), The Hour Glass (Singapore) and of course URWERK. The first line of the press release sounds just great: “Time is monochrome on the UR-202 White Shark”. With a website called Monochrome and being a fan […]

Thomas Prescher – master of tourbillons

Although a tourbillon isn’t as rare as a few decennia ago, it’s still something special. Independent watchmaker Thomas Prescher creates wriswatches with a single axis tourbillon, a double axis tourbillon and even a triple axis tourbillon. Thomas Prescher is the master of tourbillons. I can still remember very well reading about a watchmaker who made […]