The #Haagenbracelets – a taste of freedom on the wrist



What is a Haagen bracelet we hear you say? Well, we have teamed up with our good friend kristian Haagen in order to make his stylish bracelets available for Monochrome readers. This style of bracelets dates back to the 1960’s, when they could be seen on the wrists of surfers on every beach worth surfing, from Malibu to Sydney. They have distinctive colour combinations and represent the laid-back surf lifestyle.

In the 1960s, a time long before Facebook of Instagram, knowledge of the great surf spots was little more than rumour, passed on by word of mouth as surfers travelled the world seeking the best waves. Originally from Morocco, but traded amongst surfers, these bracelets were beautifully coloured and full of character, each one distinctive, each one telling a story.

Surfing was a way of life, a spiritual calling, a lifetime of dedication. As paths crossed, these surf travellers, fuelled on hipster vibes, would return with tales of exotic places. For the same reason these bracelets were created back then, the ‘Haagen’ bracelet (check #haagenbracelets on Instgram) is worn today to signify your freedom of spirit. The Haagen bracelet is also the perfect companion to any watch game out there!

SHIPPING: #Haagenbracelets come in packs of 5 and each pack costs 15 Euro. We offer basic shipping for € 4,00. If you prefer tracked shipping, that’s possible for € 15,00 Euro. The Haagenbracelets will be shipped from the Netherlands, with PostNL. Check here for international shipping times, and here for registered mail.

HOW TO USE: You simply tie them on, (one end has a hole to loop the other through), a firm knot to secure it – and one size fits all! According to Kristian it might help to burn the the end and/or the knot so the strings don’t get loose.

Please note: exact patterns may vary.

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