Monochrome Straps – Honey Alligator Leather Strap


Our dream has come true, when we finally found the perfect small Italian leather atelier and when they agreed to make our collection of Monochrome Straps. We hope that you will like our straps as much as we do.

Hand-made in northern Italy, and always featuring our distinct light blue lining, and embossed with the Monochrome name and logo, these straps are absolutely great. They are made of the most supple alligator leather you can find, anywhere, and I’m not kidding. Of course made with large scales alligator skin.


We currently have the 18/18, 20/18 and 22/18 in stock. All straps are 18mm at the buckle, and 18mm, 20mm or 22m at the case.

The 18/16 strap size strap will be available soon!

The length of all our straps is medium or 115/75, meaning that the long end measures 115mm and the short end, with double loops, is 75mm.

Other sizes are available upon request, however please note the + € 15 Euro charge.

Select your size below.