A Technical Perspective – A Guide to the different types of Calendar Watches

Horology is a child of astronomy. Ever since man wondered about the passage of time, the schedule of our lives has been shaped by the movement of heavenly bodies. Time was measured by the sun, the moon and the stars. Their regulated and measurable cycles lead to the creation of most calendars. Early

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Comparative Review – 3 affordable & vintage-inspired dive watches from Tudor, Oris & Longines (live pics & price)

Returning visitors of Monochrome are certainly aware of our speciality: reviews of watches. We believe that reviews are essential in the process of buying a new watch, or any luxury item for that matter. Of course, we encourage you profoundly to test the watch yourself... however that will most lik

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The Collector’s Series – Kristian Haagen and his sexy, early Vintage Rolex Daytona 6239

It is not the first time that we invite Kristian Haagen here, for the Collector’s Series. Of course… The guy has some good tastes, some rather good photography skills (yes, right, he’s good…) and furthermore, he has a pretty impressive collection of watches. He showed us a crazy Datograph

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