Auctioning Family Heirloom – a Vintage Rolex Sea-Dweller Double Red 1665

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Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 Mark IV

One of our readers mailed us last month. He wanted to learn more about his vintage Rolex Sea-Dweller before selling it. Kidding right? Nope, this gentleman got a Rolex Sea-Dweller from his father, back in 1973. And now he’s going to auction it to cover his medical expenses. A Rolex is always good for cash!  And this one should bring back a LOT of cash, as we’re in front of a Rolex Sea-Dweller Double Red!

We mailed quite a bit and Ken, that’s our reader’s name, told me how he got it and actually only wore the Sea-Dweller on a handful of occasions. It was serviced in the late 1980’s, so roughly 15 years after he got it, and the watch pretty much stayed on a watch winder most of the time. Of course it is in a very nice condition and it’s will be auction on May 5th at I. M. CHAIT auction galleries inBeverly Hills.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 case back

Ken told us that the only ‘damage’ the Double Red has, is that the black paint that originally fills the engravings in the case back, was partially gone. Well, what would one expect from a 40 year old watch? Another remark is a particularity, as the clasp inside is engraved “PATETED” instead of “PATENTED”. This dates the clasp back to around the same period that the serial number indicates, namely 1972.

Rolex clasp ref. 9315 pateted

This is a Mark IV Sea-Dweller and you can use our previous article about vintage Sea-Dweller as reference (click here).

This is probably one of the finest examples I’ve seen. Almost unworn, so a super ‘sharp’ and ‘fat’ case, a folded Oyster bracelet with virtually no stretch and a dial with gorgeous patina markers. A superb vintage Sea-Dweller, in all original condition, dating back to 1972. 

Here you can find all details about Ken’s Rolex Sea-Dweller that will be auctioned by Chait Auction Galleries on May 5th.

Rolex Sea Dweller 1665 mark iv

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  1. I had a customer once who wanted to sell his 1972 Cosmograph. His parents bought it for him when he turned 21 and he had worn it a total of four times! There was a tiny hairline scratch on the crystal, but aside from that, it was flawless. If I had the bucks…
    Nice write-up on a rare piece. I hope Ken gets a pretty paenny for it.

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