Konstantin Chaykin Cinema Watch

Weekly Watch Photo – The Eadweard Muybridge Cinema Watch by Konstantin Chaykin

Just the other day we bumped into the brilliant photo of Konstantin Chaykin’s Cinema Watch. When we told you about this watch before (click here) we told you our first impression was that it had of the shape and layout of a medium-format camera. So what better photo to start our Weekly Watch Photo with.

Of course we already told you more about the Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin. Our man in Shanghai, Mario Squillacioti, met up with Konstatin during the AHCI event in his home town and sat down for a good talk. The result is a great overview of Konstantin’s creations (click here). And of course we told you about the Cartier Rotonde Mystery Watch that is so similar to Chaykin’s Levitas that he introduced a year earlier (click here).

Konstantin Chaykin Cinema Watch

Konstantin Chaykin’s collection may be rather diverse. I fail to see see similar design elements in the Lunokhod, the Eadweard Muybridge Cinema Watch, the Levitas, the Quartime and the Decalogue. Except for the fact that all timepieces are designed and build in Russia. OK, there’s one visual recognition, which is the brand name and logo showing an hour and minute hand at the ten past ten position.


Now on to the photos of the Eadweard Muybridge Cinema Watch. You gotto love that name, although you also need a good set of brains to remember that name. More info aboutKonstantin Chaykin’s timepieces can be found through his website -> www.konstantin-chaykin.com

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