Weekly Watch Photo – Ochs und Junior Due Ore

It’s simple. If you want a perfect Weekly Watch Photo, than simply ask the Watch Photographer. Because Ochs und Junior are visiting the Netherlands for a brunch meeting, we asked the Watch Photographer to do his magic on the Ochs und Junior Due Ore. 

Tomorrow, Sunday 11th of December is the Ochs und Junior brunch meeting in Villa Augustus (Netherlands). Beat Weinmann will present the newest watches and Ludwig Oechslin’s smart innovations. This is interesting material of every watch fan! Do you really think a moon phase needs 40-50 parts? Ludwig Oechslin thought otherwise….

And Oechslin was right, he showed the entire watch industry that smart innovations are still possible. The Selene features the most accurate moon phase in a wrist watch ever and it comprises of only 5 parts! So no 30, 40 or 50 parts, no just five (5) parts!

During the brunch meeting at Villa Augustus, Beat Weinmann will show the Ochs und Junior Selene and other models like the one pictured above and below, the Due Ore, to the guests. Later this month we’ll do an extended review of the Due Ore.

Many thanx to Bert a.k.a. the Watch Photographer for the beautiful photos. Check out his 2012 calendar of Rolex watches and get your copy before Christmas!


Frank Geelen

Frank Geelen is an expert on Haute Horlogerie and his horological heart beats faster from beautiful hand-finished mechanical movements. He loves to explain all technical details of complications like tourbillons, minute repeaters, constant force escapements and column-wheel chronographs and he has been doing that for more than seven years. Besides publishing daily here at Monochrome Watches, Frank also writes for several other publications, both online and offline.

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